Have a “digital walk”, winter vacation will be like this!

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In order to fully implement the spirit of “double reduction” and build the “red culture” brand of Shanghai, Jiangpu Road street carries out four hundred years of Cultural walking activities in Yangpu, so that young people and community residents can feel the historical glory and style of Shanghai.Explore the red gene of yangpu’s century-old civilization and the brilliant achievements of yangpu’s continuous transformation and development over the years.Yangpu Binjiang meets the perfect history and modern yangpu Binjiang, a number of industries in Shanghai originated from here, here embodies yangpu’s past glory and Yangpu’s “four Dare spirit”, and the red gene is inherited here. With the construction and development in recent years, it is more rich in cultural atmosphere, and the title of “the most beautiful Binjiang” is constantly in our eyes.Jinpeng Community, jiangpu Road street, takes Yangpu Binjiang as the destination of cultural walking, leads families to rewalk binjiang Road, and once again enjoys the glorious history of Yangpu industry.The transformed Yangpu Riverside landscape line is 700 meters in length and retains the old industrial elements as much as possible, so as to create waterfront landscape area and public activity space with yangpu’s own advantages and characteristics, which is known as “The Corridor of Modern Industrial Civilization in China”.Children walk along the walkway where jardine Mills once stood, and the sculptures of women textile workers evoke another industrial era of spinning machines.The “barging bollards”, which bear witness to the wharf’s history, silently speak of the distant past.Today’s “Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf” used to be the famous “fish market” in Shanghai. Children can see the scene of fishmongers trading in aquatic products and dock workers carrying large bags through the sculpture, reproducing the dock culture of that era.Through the cultural walking activities, the children walked into the corridor of history, felt the 100-year development course of Shanghai industry, understood the greatness of revolutionary martyrs, and felt the power of modern science and technology.Historical buildings inspire young people to work hard to strengthen wujiabang community in Jiangpu Road and Street, and show the content of humanity walking to the eyes of young people in the community in the form of videos.The video includes the Historical Memorial Hall of the Bund, Waidu Bridge, Xuhui Middle School, Fudan Optical Building and other classic cultural walking scenic spots.The bund history museum has been a patriotism education base in Shanghai, the museum collection of records on the track of development of the bund and Shanghai historical data, the bund, the periphery of the nations building expo group, not only witnessed the imperialist powers of the plunder of the Chinese people and slavery, more condensed the wisdom and diligence of the Chinese people, through the video, we are all the witness of history.Fudan Guanghua Building is 142 meters high, known as “the first floor of Chinese universities”. After listening to the video explaining the history and background of fudan Guanghua Building, many children said that they hope to be admitted to Fudan University in the future, to study in Guanghua Building, to win glory for the country.Red stories inspire community residents patriotic enthusiasm in sea Shanghai road, jiangpu street community, the activities of the human walking from “Allah yangpu” video lectures, sea Shanghai community “Allah yangpu” video lectures, have the honor to invite to the 74 – year – old yellow 鍱 old gentleman, Mr Huang Lao to his own experience, how to love China, love in Shanghai, yangpu.In 1938, the Japanese imperialists launched the August 13 Incident, which seriously damaged the living environment of Shanghai. Mr. Huang’s family was impacted. During the growth of Mr. Huang, his mother always taught him to work hard and win glory for the country, join the Communist Party and serve the people wholeheartedly.After Mr Huang Lao’s video interpretation, touched by many Shanghai residents of the community, residents said Mr. Chen, now our hard-won happy life, what is a hero, how many soldiers in the life, our future will be in play experience and grow in a responsible, interpreta dream in the struggle, carry forward the fine tradition, red gene inheritance.It is understood that Jiangpu Road will continue to use spare time and weekends to carry out the “Ala Talk Yangpu” video lectures, focusing on the four hundred years of history of Yangpu industry, universities, municipal administration, industry and transportation, to tell the mark of the hundred years of history of Yangpu, and build a better future of Yangpu.