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The opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium on The evening of February 4th.The countdown to the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has been marked by the countdown to the start of SPRING, China’s 24 solar terms.Ji Xiaojun, who was born in Yiwu, won the Golden Microphone Award for China Broadcasting Host in 2012. His intellectual and calm hosting style is widely loved by audiences. He served as the English master of ceremonies for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic GamesOn the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, representatives of all walks of life in China, national heroes and 56 ethnic groups passed the national flag hand in hand, then raised the national flag, played the national anthem this moment, the audience boiling!Opening ceremony scene ice hockey crashed into the “ice Cube” a crystal clear ice and snow five rings carved from the ice cube “break the ice” meaning to break the barriers, close to each other as an integration of the Olympic five rings “break the ice”, super shock!In singing the music of the motherland, the Chinese delegation entered the stadium full of Chinese red scene applause thundering. The total number of Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympics reached 387 people, the largest total of 176 athletes in the history of 87 female athletes, accounting for 49.43% of the male athletes 89.Accounting for 50.57% of The Chinese sports delegation athletes average age 25.2 years old The oldest 37 years old the youngest 17 years old 131 athletes participating in the Winter Olympics for the first time account for 74.43% of the opening ceremony the last surprise revealed the last leg the torch stays in the center of the big snowflake continues to burn This is how the “main torch” is lit!According to the competition schedule, the Beijing Winter Olympics will produce the first gold snowboarding, snowboarding, curling figure skating, short track speed skating…Let’s cheer for the Chinese athletes!Source: People’s Daily editor: Xu Xiao First instance: Xu Jianhui second instance: Chen Liyuan third instance: Li Yan Statement: this article copyright attribution to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: