On behalf of the county, a special job fair will be held in 2022 for workers who have been lifted out of poverty and relocated from inhospitable areas

2022-05-29 0 By

Xinzhou network news (correspondent: Wang Yan Ting Cheng Yuyan) spring breeze to send warmth, employment warm people.On the morning of February 12, the county held a special job fair for workers who have been lifted out of poverty and relocated from inhospitable areas in 2022, in order to thoroughly implement the policy of employment assistance and guarantee employment for those who have difficulty finding jobs, including those who have been lifted out of poverty and those who have been relocated from other places.The job fair was sponsored by the county bureau of Human resources and Social Security, undertook by the county Employment and talent Service Center, and co-organized by the Party and mass Service Center and the Disabled persons’ Federation.There are 13 employers participating in the job fair, providing more than 500 jobs including hosiery knitter, sewman, blocker, electronic coil detection, electrician, welder and so on.Job fair site, to consult the masses for an endless stream, the staff constantly detailed to the applicants of the enterprise recruitment conditions, post requirements, salary and logistics, job seekers carefully understand the recruitment information, carefully screen the job, the scene atmosphere is warm.At the same time, we also provide employment and entrepreneurship policy consultation on site, providing comprehensive help for job seekers to achieve high-quality employment.The recruitment for all kinds of recruitment companies and urban and rural people not only set up a good communication platform, and also widen the poverty the employment channels, arouse the enthusiasm of won up to move concentrated employment site masses, and promote the change of the relocation staff, employment income poverty staff, etc, with practical action to implement the party central committee stable employment, care for employment difficult personnel deployment,We will take multiple measures to boost employment.