Police from Wenqu police Station of Dengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau help people find lost packages

2022-05-29 0 By

The banner, for the people’s police, is a dazzling medal, is the highest affirmation of the people’s police work!At 11:00 on February 19, 2022, an elderly couple from Wenqu Police Station of The Public Security Bureau of Dengzhou City presented a banner of “solving the people’s worries and solving the case quickly” to the police on duty, and thanked the police for helping them find the lost money and items.February 15 at 18:00, wenqu town a village ma and his wife came to the wenqu police station in a hurry to report, said it lost an important package on the way to wenqu Street driving four-wheel electric vehicle, the package contains the old couple 30,000 yuan of living expenses and id cards and other documents.The masses matter no small matter, the director cui Fuqiang learned that the situation, immediately arranged instructor Zhao Zhenwei led the police, auxiliary police along ma driving route to visit the investigation.After the police detailed investigation found: Ma in driving a four-wheel electric vehicle through a junior high school section of the canal, because of road turbulence will bag out of the car, but Ma did not perceive.About five minutes later, a passer-by saw the package and threw it into a nearby trash bin, mistaking it for someone else’s unused object.Police immediately found the trash can rummaging, and finally found ma lost package in the trash can, after the inventory, Ma lost property are in it.In order to express gratitude to the police, on February 19, 2022, Ma and his wife took the banner specially came to the Wenqu police station to express their gratitude.(Liu Zhenwei, Zhang Chao, Liu Shouzhou)