The octogenarian grandfather looked for more than 10 of his wife, all of whom were disturbed by his son, threatening to sever ties with his son

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Lyrics to sing: “the most beautiful but sunset red, warm and calm, sunset is late flowers, sunset is old wine, sunset is late love, sunset is unfinished love…”The happiest thing for people in their old age is their children’s filial piety. They often go home to visit their parents, so that the whole family can feel the happiness and joy of reunion.At the same time, the old man should have a partner who supports and takes care of each other and spends his old age peacefully together.”Wife wife, old people want to have a companion” is the truth.Nowadays there are more and more single old people, and remarriage has become a common concern.Some children support the old man to remarry, and take the initiative to look for suitable marriage candidates for the old man.Some children oppose the old man’s remarriage, they set up all kinds of obstacles obstruct, the old man not only enjoy a happy old age life, and cause family conflicts.It is no exaggeration to say that children’s attitude towards the remarriage of the elderly directly determines whether the family is happy and harmonious.Uncle Luo was in his eighties, his wife died early, and he was alone all these years.Uncle Luo wanted to find a wife to accompany him and take care of him so that he could live out his old age comfortably.Uncle Luo back and forth to find more than 10 wife, the husband was driven away by his son, the son also put uncle Luo’s house for his own, even the uncle luo old couple wounded, uncle Luo intolerable to break off relations with his son.Why did the son stop Uncle Luo from finding his wife?What is it about him and his son that they can’t reconcile?Uncle Luo lived in a small town in the south. He and his wife had a son. The old couple were both employees of an enterprise and their income was fairly good.The old couple supported the son’s education, bought a house for the son to marry a wife, and helped the son to look after children. They fulfilled their parental responsibilities, and soon they were getting older.Many years ago his wife died because of illness, luo uncle a person guarding the empty house, he unavoidably feel lonely, and the idea of looking for his wife.His son and daughter-in-law support luo in finding a wife, but they hope he will be careful to avoid unnecessary trouble.Marriage is not a joke, this truth we all understand, young people fall in love to fully understand each other’s situation, to have a deep emotional foundation, to all aspects of the same conditions, in this case to get married is likely to get happiness, the elderly remarriage should also pay attention to these things.Old people remarry do not pay attention to the formal things such as marriage house, bride price, three gold, they pay more attention to the health condition, value two people can accompany each other, take care of each other, have common interests and hobbies, can live steadily.Reach a consensus on these issues Old people don’t live too badly in their later years.Uncle Luo’s son supports uncle Luo’s remarriage, but he hopes that Uncle Luo finds a thrifty wife who can take good care of uncle Luo and accompany him to old age.The son’s consideration is not unreasonable, but Luo did not take his son’s words seriously.Uncle Luo took it upon himself to date many of the women he liked, the oldest in their seventies and eighties, the younger in their forties and fifties, and one of them was a classmate of uncle Luo’s son.Uncle Luo found more than 10 wife, he took those women home to live together, uncle Luo temper big eyes do not tolerate sand, is not good to serve, coupled with uncle Luo’s old age, living habits, eating habits, ideas and others different, because of these reasons those women have left him.There was another important reason for the women to leave Mr. Luo. Mr. Luo’s son despised them and tried to stop him from getting married.The son went to Uncle Luo’s house many times to make trouble, tore down the door of uncle Luo’s house, peeled off the wall skin of Uncle Luo’s house, and made a mess of the house.The son’s purpose is self-evident, he wants to break up uncle Luo’s marriage, let those women leave as soon as possible.”I can understand that my father wants to find his wife, but what I can’t understand is that he is too hasty in finding his wife.He wants to have a go at any woman who is single, regardless of their suitability, and he’s had a good time with that, but he hasn’t a memory! ‘What the son said was true. Uncle Luo was old and not in good health, and the young women wanted to date him not because he was handsome or talented, but because they wanted his money.Grandpa Luo has a good pension and a house, which is a big temptation for some women.Before this uncle luo and a woman divorced, divorced when the other party half of the property, but also get a divorce fee.Luo uncle did not learn a lesson from it, and soon after divorce and Yuan Aunt married, Yuan aunt has tactics, she instigated luo uncle and son against each other, so father and son contradiction is more intensified.In order to prevent Yuan aunt to the other half of the property away, the son spent money to buy the house, the son does not want uncle Luo to be empty, uncle Luo ungrateful but accused his son of thinking about his property, father and son are not allowed to meet, quarrel.There is a fierce conflict between the two families, the son wounded Yuan aunt, Uncle Luo also hang color on his face.Luo uncle can not bear this tone, he went to his son’s unit to make trouble, accused his son of various improper behavior, publicly condemned his son unfilial, he claimed to break off relations with his son, and even threatened to let his son lose his job.The neighbors knew everything about Luo’s family, and they all stood by his son.An elder sister said: “Uncle Luo, despite the good times, insists on looking for his wife every now and then. His son is worried that he will be calculated for him. He fights with his son every day, he is really senile!”Luo uncle’s purpose did not achieve but to attract a condemnation, he became angry from embarrassment to anger with a bamboo son hit the head broken and bleeding, his son was seriously injured had to go to the hospital, because this matter further deterioration of the father-son relationship.When dealing with family contradiction, we often “home and everything is prosperous” this sentence hangs in the mouth, no matter what kind of contradiction and conflict there is between family members, everyone should calmly discuss well, must not tear a face completely make stiff, this is of great benefit to the stability of the family unity.The truth is understood by everyone, but when it comes to concrete action, it is not so.Some people on this issue make confused, they haggle over every ounce, do not let a penny, in order to achieve their own goals must fight with the family to the end, a good family make chicken fly dog jump.Wise people are willing to make compromises and concessions, because they know that the home is not the place to speak truth but the place to speak affection, for one thing the family argue red in the face, even if the quarrel won but pay the price of family discord, why is this?Uncle Luo wants to find a wife to accompany him to spend his old age, such an idea is understandable, but looking for a wife is a big thing, not hasty and not too casual, a good wife will have a happy life in his old age, otherwise the whole family will inevitably be in trouble.In this respect luo da Ye had a lot of lessons of failure, he did not reflect deeply but repeated the same mistakes again and again.Son to prevent him from looking for his wife is for his sake, Uncle Luo ungrateful also calculate, uncle Luo also beat and scold his son even to break off relations with his son, in his eyes can not wife than the son is important?Do you think single old people should find a spouse?Do you think Uncle Luo’s son should interfere in his marriage?Welcome to comment.