The woman even cheated 3 times bride price, the man almost broke the bank, the woman’s mother attitude arrogance caused public anger

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As the saying goes, ignorance is fear.When a person knows little about something, he or she will show a fearless attitude. If a person has no legal awareness and moral bottom line, he or she will be fearless in anything and even cross the legal gap and moral bottom line.Recently, the behavior of a woman in Xiaoxian county, Anhui Province, has caused public anger.She repeatedly swindled dowry money, but was so aggressive in front of the law that she crossed her legs while handcuffed and sitting in a police car.Such behavior, let the net friend call straight: too arrogant!It has always been a custom in China for a woman to cheat a bride price three times and make her husband give her money when they get married.However, with the continuous civilization and civilization of society, betrothal gift has gradually been replaced in some big cities and only evolved into a form. However, in some small areas with underdeveloped economy, the evil custom of huge betrothal gift still exists.The more poor the place, the more fierce the bride price.Today’s story happened in Xiaoshan County, Suzhou city, Anhui Province. According to the local people, the betrothal price in Xiaoshan usually starts at 100,000 yuan, and there are also a variety of ten ten. Under normal circumstances, the man should spend at least 500,000 yuan for a wedding, which is really difficult for ordinary families to afford.However, in order to enable their children to complete their life, many parents still choose to pay the bride price.The woman in the story caught the psychology of the man’s family and cheated the man’s family of the bride price for three times in a row. Only after the man’s family lost all their money did she realize that she had been cheated into marriage.The woman’s mother refused to return the money, was caught after the attitude arrogance is obvious, the woman’s behavior has been suspected of fraud.The man’s family tried to get their money back through legal channels, but when the court sent someone to enforce it, the woman’s mother’s approach was shocking.The woman’s mother not only did not return the bride price, and in the face of the law enforcement officers also righteously, she said she did not steal two did not rob, why should hand over the money.It might have seemed to her mother that the money was already in her hands and that it was so easy to get it back.But little did they know that what she did was already illegal.After repeated warnings by law enforcement officials, the woman’s mother was taken to her car.As the saying goes: any dowry that is not for the purpose of marriage is a fraud, this sentence can be applied to this woman.And the woman not only fraud dowry, is no law, in the face of the police warning she is not afraid, but also collision law enforcement officers.In the police car, the woman is still Shouting, normal people are very nervous after getting on the police car, she instead crossed her legs, and even the gloves on her hands are contemptuous.”Don’t you just fucking wear them, that’s what I cuffs up for right now, and you guys are fucking fucking up for it.”From the woman’s words, we can see that the woman does not know whether she does not understand the law, she just does not understand the majesty of the law, intended to use their fearless to challenge the law, but does not know that such a practice is in overreach.It is estimated that the woman will realize the seriousness of her actions after she calms down, and the case is still being further handled.In fact, no matter how much money is spent, it doesn’t matter to the husband’s family, as long as the child can get married and have a family.But if you get into debt because of the bride price and end up not getting married, it is a bit unreasonable.If you don’t want to get married, don’t ask for betrothal gifts repeatedly. If you want betrothal gifts and don’t get married, it is obviously a fraud.It may also be that the groom’s family is too honest and honest, and choose to give betrothal gifts again and again, but the truth is in vain, blackmailed by the woman’s mother.Parents should understand that their daughter is a piece of meat falling off their belly, not a commodity. But can they live with their conscience if they make a deal with their daughter?And after the woman’s mother such a fuss, it is estimated that her daughter’s marriage will be worried.What do you think about it