Wonder Jiao Jiao traveling around Guangdong?Jiao Jie invites you to join the first transformation game of 2022!

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Who would you most like to see on New Year’s Eve?I just want to see you back, I just want to see you…Guess who it is?This time, carrying guangdong people full of memories to kill jiao sister!Year 29, Jiao elder sister boarded the 2022 Pearl River Channel New Year’s Eve special program “Pearl River Spring Warm happy year” stage, however, the image of jiao elder sister and former days can not be said to be exactly the same can only be said to be irrelevant!From beautiful “stewardess” to “security guard”?And listen to the “miracle Jiaojiao” thin road!Former charming sister turned “stewardess”?Laugh to welcome Olympic champion!On the stage of this year’s Pearl River New Year’s Eve special, our most familiar jiao Jie is back!This time, she “Sara Sara Sara whole body change”, in “I am cheerleader” show as a glamorous “stewardess”.Mention the first foray into this role.She said that every time she saw a beautiful stewardess on a plane, she longed for her.Unexpectedly, this year “Pearl River Spring Warm Happy Year” program realized her wish.”Maybe in the year of the Tiger, you can really get what you want.””When I put on the uniform of a stewardess, I feel as if I have really become a professional stewardess!”In the show, a stewardess played by Jiao Jie will bring “Jiao Jie” old hot soup with hip-hop teenagers and cheerleaders to welcome Olympic champions home for the Spring Festival.Can they successfully pick up the Olympic champion?Let us lock “pearl River Spring warm happy year”, check it out!Beautiful jiao Jiao “security”?Wonderful encounter with Canton Fair!In this pearl River New Year’s Eve special, Jiao Jie also played the role of a security guard in another program, “Wonderful Night of the Canton Fair”.From a flight attendant to a security guard, Jiao says she has “a wide range of roles”.Jiao sister said, whether at work or in life, security guards the safety of the people everywhere.”Before playing a security guard, I can more or less understand the hard work and responsibility of security work.I feel proud and honored to play the role of a security guard, especially for the Canton Fair, and to meet international friends from all over the world.”In the night of the Canton Fair, jiao Jie plays a security guard and exhibits in the Canton Fair have a wonderful encounter.When rice cookers, robots, Canton glazed porcelain in the New Year’s Eve have “full blood resurrection”, they and Canton Fair wipe out what kind of spark?Let’s see!On the stage of the 2022 Pearl River Channel New Year’s Eve special, Jiao Jie will surely bring you endless surprises!Jiao Jie also said that as an actress, she is willing to try anything.She is very happy to bring a different “jiao Sister” to the gala.

At 19:00 on New Year’s Eve, let’s come to “Pearl River Spring Warm and happy Year” and “Miracle Jiaojiao” to join the first transformation game of 2022!Special thanks to a thriving business Drink much treasure this program by adding the stupa special broadcast this programme comes by courtesy of a supplementary nutrition improve brain memory life. 1 special broadcast writing | Hu Ling edit | yoon XiaoYu statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn