2021 Tencent Video series: “Quality determines destiny”

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More and more Domestic dramas are “capable of fighting”.Article | Zhang Jiaqi edit | Zhang Youfa show market belongs to “start” in January.Tencent video window 15 sets of sketch “beginning” yesterday officially finale, this hot style open until the finale douban score remained above eight points, discuss degree also remain high, “the beginning” “beginning kiss” and other entries on the microblogging hot search, there are a lot of the audience said, “can the Fried CP to shoot 100 episodes.”Open year appeared both heat and word of mouth of high quality works, no doubt to the entire drama market injection of a shot.More importantly, the success of “The Beginning” represents the audience’s choice.The show is quietly taking a turn.Last year, “love of mountains and seas” “Big River 2” break through the circle, become a national explosion, “love is delicious” “royal ojakin as a paragon of word-of-mouth plays, harvest such as tide of praise.This shift is accompanied by the positive public opinion effect caused by highly acclaimed dramas, and the overall positive content environment.This transformation is not achieved overnight, but a process in which the market gradually meets the needs of the audience after repeated adjustment of various creative dimensions.In this process, the direction of the platform control and participation degree is particularly important.Tencent video is a participant in the change: six of douban’s TOP10 rated mainland TV dramas in 2021 are from Tencent video, among which three are independently produced.Although the taste of TV series is a relatively personal dimension of discussion, good content is always the unbreakable truth in the TV series market, no matter how subdivided the type of TV series is in the era of Taiwan broadcasting or the Internet era, and no matter what popular themes are at present.For Tencent Video, the success of “Beginning” is not an accident, is in the process of gradual evolution of content strategy, harvest a fruit.Bai jingting and bai Jingting went through a time loop on the bus earlier this year with the same people who planted mushrooms in Jintan last year.”Theme” is definitely the key frame of the 2021 drama market.Last year, Tencent Video aired melodic dramas such as “Mountain And Sea Feelings”, “Exploits” and “Big River 2”, which all scored more than 8.8 points on Douban and sparked heated discussion on social media.With “reform and opening up” as the background of the youth drama “Set Sail: When the Wind Rises” for the traditional period drama superimposed a layer of youth “filter”, director Liu Chang once said to poison mou, hope to make the 1990s into a “beautiful box”, put the young people’s stories in, let the two as harmoniously as possible.Behind this, it reflects that Tencent video grasps the pulse of The Times when producing and broadcasting the theme content, and at the same time approaches the aesthetic expression of young audiences.Based on the full respect and restoration of history, the melodic dramas of the new era pay more attention to the emotional connection with young audiences.The theme, which is more acceptable to the audience than a textbook on the screen, is a new expression full of warmth that transcends the ages.If “main melody” is the type that has the best chance to build consensus after the advent of the era of fragmentation, then for other traditional mainstream types that have been verified by the market, how to break the shackles of the existing frame and explore new forms of expression has become an important task for the TV series market.Tencent Video’s hit episodes in 2021 can also glimpse the new look of the traditional drama genre.”Black Storm”, which ranked first in the ENTgroup’s screening index in 2021, is an “atypical” anti-gang drama.The drama is adapted from the Sun Xiaoguo case, Hainan Huang Hongfa case and other very social influence of real cases, under the guidance of the Central Political and Legal Commission, high-density information, three-dimensional full of characters, the impact of the real case, together to refresh the “ceiling” of anti-mafia drama.Romance dramas, which are becoming more homogenous, are also looking for ways to break the ice.Simple “hair candy” can no longer satisfy the audience, in order to avoid a lot of repeated “hit plot”, romantic dramas need to complete innovation through more fresh background setting and professional writing.You are My Honor, which is exclusively broadcast on Tencent, provides an effective demonstration of the “genre +” of romantic dramas with the integration of game elements and solid writing on the aerospace field.According to EntGroup, the drama ranked first in the romantic drama Broadcast Index in 2021.In the past two years, the suspense theme has continued to develop well.In 2020, Skyscraper created a buzz in the then-hot mystery miniseries market with a rare female perspective.Last year’s “Double Exploration” focuses on the “movie sense” expression of online dramas, creating an atmosphere to explore the avant-garde consciousness.2021 is also a year of “dark horse”, with “Ojakin Ojakin” and “Love is Delicious” both scoring more than 8 points on Douban, ranking in the top 10 of the year.These dramas with no traffic and no large IP support, rely on stable quality and fresh content cutting, harvest countless “tap water”.And pull these “dark horse”, it is the progress of Tencent video in innovative thinking, and “with the fulcrum pry word of mouth” confidence.The success of the Beginning is no accident. In 2021, Midday Sunshine and Tencent Video jointly launched Mountain And Sea Situation and Big River 2, both of which are examples of high-quality dramas.A good cooperative team is the first guarantee of the quality of the drama.And to the quality of this first insurance, it is Tencent video mining and integration of high-quality resources.In addition to midday Sunshine, Tencent Video and director Chen Zhengdao’s team have also worked together on Skyscraper and Love Is Delicious. The success of You are My Honor also benefits from the pre-communication and in-depth cooperation with gu Man, the author and screenwriter of the original work.In addition to these excellent partners that have been verified by the market, the deep cooperation between Tencent Video and various guiding units is also an important reason to ensure the quality of works.The aforementioned “Black Sweep” and “You are My Glory” were completed under the guidance of the CENTRAL Political and Legislative Commission and relevant space departments respectively, which reinforced the authenticity of the content of the TV series.This year, the golden cast of “Central Political and Legal Commission + Tencent Video + 500 directors” will jointly launch “Guardian of Life and Death”, and “Prosecution Elite”, a collaboration with the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, will also appear in the list of films to be broadcast.After multiple parties are involved in the same project, it is not a small challenge how to allocate resources effectively and how to coordinate the needs and progress of all parties.In you are My Honor, for example, with the participation of the game team and the aerospace team, whether it is a single frame that flashes by in the game or a satellite launch track on a map in the background, it has been repeatedly polished.The change in the evaluation dimension of episodes also affects the output of the platform to a certain extent.One is the inclusion of more metrics linked to word of mouth.Han Zhijie, vice president of Tencent online video, once said at the annual release of Tencent video and film in 2021 that, compared with the previous hard indicators such as the number of plays and the number of new members to evaluate the series, now more attention is paid to the hot discussion, praise, completion rate and other indicators that can better reflect the quality of the series.The second is to bring artistic expression into the evaluation system, which reflects Tencent video’s pursuit and promotion of high-quality and artistic drama content.The upgrading of the evaluation system means that more good projects have a chance to be seen.What’s more, it could have a huge, cumulative effect on the direction of the drama market.Against the inertia of the TV series market into the era of stock competition, this is already an indisputable fact, the ceiling of user growth is in sight, only to continue to create “popular”, in order to retain audiences.The definition of “popular style” has also changed. “Only traffic theory” is obviously no longer suitable for the competitive content environment. The dimension of popular style is also extended from the previous single popularity index to the word of mouth, popularity, social influence and other aspects.Compared with “flash in the pan”, it is more important to maintain stability.Data from Vlinkage showed that Tencent video accounted for 2/3 of the TOP15 drama network playback index in 2021, including you are my honor, douluo continent and black storm.In terms of word of mouth, there are 21 domestic dramas with 7.5 points on Douban in 2021, 13 of which are from Tencent Video.Among them, the Message, adapted from the novel of the same name, digs out more new story clues on the basis of the classic spy story, and pushes the suspense atmosphere higher with the logical reasoning process.Last year’s Children of The Joes represented a return of “big family dramas”.Family, as the smallest unit of the society, reflects the changes of The Times most faithfully, and also contains the multi-dimensional expression of affection, love and friendship.The power of realism continues to emerge.By midday sunshine, the classic IP sequel “Ode to Joy 3” will be broadcast in Tencent video, the day before, “Ode to Joy 3 first photos” entry on weibo hot search fourth;”Welcome,” starring Huang Xuan and Bai Baihe, is also produced at noon, the second collaboration between Bai Baihe and author Bao Jingjing after “Love is Not Blind.”At the same time, innovation is always the best way to mine and find incremental users.The content iteration of the drama market has been in the process of constantly “fighting inertia” for a long time. The popularity of a genre often drives the development of similar works. Although it can reap the popularity dividend brought by the theme in the short term, it may lead to a high degree of homogeneity of content in the long run, and it is difficult to keep up with the audience’s aesthetic iteration.Innovation, for platforms and show creators, means navigating uncharted paths, but the flip side of challenges can also mean new opportunities.As Han Zhijie once mentioned, innovation does not matter whether it is big or small. Tencent Video pays tribute to those who dare to explore new themes, and will spare no effort to support and encourage those who try to leave their comfort zone in traditional themes.For the TV industry, the word “innovation” means more than just adding new elements.How to make a meaningful breakthrough in the existing themes, how to develop the “blue ocean” of comedy, science fiction and other themes, and how to find new increment of viewers are all propositions that need to be solved under the framework of “innovation”.If we extend the time dimension infinitely, we can find that the drama market is always full of changes, from the change of channels for watching dramas, to the change of user composition, and then to the change of content direction. After repeated trials and proofreading, these changes are gradually intertwined and constantly improve the overall level of the industry.According to the content presented to the audience by Tencent Video in 2021, the effects of years of cultivation have initially appeared, and some of the seeds planted now may not reach the time of harvest.For platforms, this is not only an effective way to enrich content reserves and enhance market competitiveness, but also a long-term approach that should not be abandoned.