‘Game of Thrones’ review: Eight women in Tyrion’s life

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1. The Young Tyrion’s Four Marriages Lord Tywin had made marriage for tyrion when he was a baby.Tywin did this not because he loved Tyrion, but because he wanted to strengthen the political influence of Casterly Rock by forging diplomatic ties with other lords through marriage.But for all his political sophistication, Lord Tywin was a very amateur matchmaker, far inferior to Lord Hoster of the Riverlands.In fact, When it came to marriage, Tywin not only failed to find a good wife for Tyrion, but also offended four lords, making diplomacy at Casterly Rock very passive.The first to turn against Lord Tywin over Tyrion’s marriage was the Mother of the Red Viper, Queen Dorne.Queen Dorne had brought her son and daughter with her in good faith to marry the West. The Red Viper would marry Cersei and Jaime princess Elia.All the queen’s offers were rejected by Tywin, who instead proposed princess Elia marry Tyrion.The Queen of Dorne was offended that Tyrion was a dwarf and insulted. My daughter cannot marry a half-man, she said.And off he went, taking his two children with him, and for the next thirty years Or so Dorn was at loggerheads with Casterly Rock, and hatred snowballed into hatred.A few years later Lord Hoster Tully sent a matchmaker to get lysa Tully, his second daughter, to marry Jaime, but Tywin refused again.Tywin pushed Tyrion out a second time, but Hoster disagreed with Tywin’s plan B, thinking lysa’s marriage to Tyrion was a flower planted in cow dung.Horst’s words were polite, not as harsh as Queen Dorne’s, but they hurt Tywin just the same.Then, as soon as the War of the Five Kings broke out, Tywin sent the Mountain to plunder the Riverlands with a little personal hatred.No lords came to Casterly Rock for marriage after that, except cersei, who promised King Robert. Jaime and Tyrion were both old men, single in their thirties.Lord Tywin was in no hurry, but in private he had sent messengers to house Royce of the Vale, house Hightower of Highgarden, to offer Tyrion a marriage.Both were second-class lords in Westeros, inferior to the Martell and Tullys, but even so, they did not want to marry their daughters to gnomes, seeing Lord Tywin as insulting.Tywin, who had hated Tyrion, felt that Tyrion was nothing because he failed to propose marriage for four times.Tyrion’s First love While Lord Tywin frets about his son’s marriage, Tyrion finds his first love.When Tyrion was thirteen years old, he and his brother Jaime went out to play and saved a little girl named Tessa from some robbers.The little girl talked happily with Tyrion, making him feel the warmth of the opposite sex he had never felt before, so he fell in love with Tessa and expressed his love for her.Without knowing tyrion’s aristocratic status, Tessa accepts tyrion’s courtship, which fully proves that the little girl truly loves the dwarf.Together they pitched a tent in the wilderness, swore to heaven, and spent a week of honeymoon as husband and wife.For the general father, the son does not spend a penny of bride gift money, to marry a daughter-in-law, should be very happy.Lord Tywin was different. Though he had repeatedly rejected Tyrion’s marriage, he would not allow him to lower himself to marry a commoner’s daughter.In order to eliminate Tyrion’s love for Tessa, Tywin bullied Jaime into telling Tyrion that Tessa was a brothel woman who could do anything.Jaime was the man Tyrion had trusted the most in his life, and Tyrion had no choice but to believe jaime.Tywin arranged for a pack of eagles from the West to take turns at Tessa in front of Tyrion, and finally ordered Tyrion to fight himself. The terrified Tyrion obeyed his father despite Tessa’s screams.In order to sit tessa’s identity as a prostitute, Tywin let every violent people, including Tyrion have paid for Tessa’s prostitution.Without knowing it, Tyrion once hated Tessa and lost confidence in love. Later, he often drank too much, went to various romantic places, and fell in a drunken dream. Occasionally, he went on business trips to the North and played poker with rose, the sister of the house, which were all related to tessa’s stimulation.It wasn’t until Tyrion learned the truth from Jaime in the dungeons of King’s Landing that he was furious.Tyrion and Tessa’s first love, like the grass snake grey thread, planted the seeds that Tyrion would later kill his father.Shae bears more than a passing resemblance to Tessa, so Tyrion kept her in a cage during his reign as king in King’s Landing to release his excess hormones.Tyrion, however, did not treat Shae like the other kilns. He really fell in love with Her, and at one point tried to have an illegitimate child with her.Because of Shae’s status, Tywin won’t allow her to marry Tyrion, but Tyrion does have the ability to sustain this relationship, and he wants Shae to be with him for the rest of his life.But Shae would have to go through many trials and hardships if she chose Tyrion wholeheartedly, and in particular, she would have to tolerate Tyrion marrying a wife on her Shae’s head without any complaints.Shae couldn’t stand the test, and she and Tyrion were doomed to a one-woman affair.As Soon as Lord Tywin came to King’s Landing, Shae turned on Tyrion, hurting tyrion’s heart once more.In king’s Landing, Shae had uttered pillow talk like “The Giant Lannister” to the world, to the derision of the spectators and the humiliation of Tyrion.After Shae, Tyrion would never believe in love again.On the face of it, at least, Sansa is Tyrion’s only legal wife, and she never divorced him.The marriage Lord Tywin had forced was not satisfactory to Sansa, shae, or Tyrion himself.Tyrion is described several times in the book as being half jaime’s size (hence the nickname “half-man”), with black and green eyes, a head too large for his body, and a staggering limp.At the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion’s face had been gashed deep enough to heal, leaving a nasty scar running from his left eye to his right jaw, and three-quarters of his nose missing.They call him the imp because of his looks, and he’s not a little uglier than Tyrion on the show.Standing with the beautiful Sansa, everyone can’t help but think of flowers and cow dung allusion, think of Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian.However, in contrast to his image, Tyrion is kind and beautiful. Although he loves women, he will never force himself on any woman, including Sansa who has already married him.Besides, he had already seen in Sansa’s eyes the misunderstanding and contempt he felt for himself, and a union with such a woman would only make Tyrion feel ashamed of himself and unworthy of being a man.But on the other hand, Tyrion was glad sansa had married him.He had always felt guilty about the Stark children because of Jaime and Cersei, and having Sansa as his nominal wife would at least allow him to protect Sansa from Joffrey’s abuse.With the hounds gone from King’s Landing, Tyrion was the only one who could protect Sansa at all costs.Joffrey has always coveted Sansa’s first blood, and hates Tyrion even more because she married Tyrion, but even the selfish Cersei has to tell her son not to cross lannister lines.Unfortunately, Sansa has always been ungrateful for Tyrion’s protection, and when she runs away with Littlefinger, she ignores Tyrion’s situation and puts him in an awkward position.Tyrion and Sansa are reunited in Winterfell, but their marriage is automatically ignored.In fact, according to Westeros tradition, as long as Sansa is still Tyrion’s lawful wife, she cannot remarry. Even if she becomes King in the North, she must recognize Tyrion as her only lawful husband. Sansa can only remarry if a divorce is granted or Tyrion dies.Tyrion is like the hero in a martial arts novel. Although he is not good-looking, he can’t go anywhere without a woman.On the way from King’s Landing to the other side of the Narrow Sea, Tyrion met Fanny the dwarf.Fanny was a teenager, a lifetime away from Tyrion, short but pretty.Fanny and her brother are dwarves, and like the boy Varys, they travel around the world with a troupe.Littlefinger had arranged for them to appear at Joffrey’s Purple wedding, to be part of the live “Battle of the Five Kings” cast, and then to play elsewhere.Tyrion and Fanny are robbed by a group of pirates and enslaved. In order to survive, Fanny teaches Tyrion how to ride a pig to curry favor with the pirates. The two dwarfs share their joys and hardships, and Fanny accompanies Tyrion through the most difficult years of his life.While Tyrion is enslaved, Fanny’s brother is taken for Tyrion himself and dies, leaving Fanny to hate Tyrion for a long time.But coaxing a little girl was not a skill for Tyrion, and Fanny soon became a fan of his.Fanny had no family left in the world, and tyrion was her only lifeline.Tyrion, however, had never cared for the girl. He had silently regarded Fanny as his little sister, a companion in a difficult environment.The story of Tyrion and Fanny continues in the original. I wish Martin would stop torturing Tyrion and let Tyrion have a few days of real peace.