Heze a construction site was exposed at night digging noise nuisance supervision authorities: 22 to 6 o ‘clock the next day can not be constructed

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Mass net · poster news reporter Zhao Chenguang Zhou Chen Heze reported on April 1, netizen Mr Zhou reported to reporters, and he lives in the neighborhood adjacent to the Third phase of The Construction site in Washington, King’s Landing night construction, many complaints failed, affecting residents at night to rest.A project manager surnamed Yang from Fujian Shengyuan Construction Engineering Co., the main contractor of the construction site, said the trucks could only work at night because they could not run during the day.In this regard, mudan district comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade one squadron captain Dong Jianjun said, 22 to 6 the next day can not be constructed, he will arrange personnel on duty at night, strengthen management.Zhou said he lives in the Qianxiyuan community, which is separated by a wall from the ongoing construction site of The Third Phase of King’s Landing Washington, just a few dozen meters away from his bedroom.The construction site of King’s Landing Washington III started to make noise two weeks ago. In the last two weeks, excavators started to operate, and the construction started after about 22 o ‘clock every day, all night long.At 22:53 on The 1st, Mr. Zhou told the public network · Poster news reporter that the king’s Landing Washington phase III construction site has started construction and took on-site photos.Through the photos provided by Mr. Zhou, the reporter saw that there were excavators and muck trucks in the construction area.According to the address provided by Mr. Zhou, at about 23:30 on The 1st, the reporter drove to the construction site of The Third phase of King’s Landing Washington located in the East Red West Street.As soon as we arrived at the king’s Landing Washington III construction site, the reporter heard the continuous roar of machinery from the construction site.When the reporter went to the gate of the king’s Landing Washington iii construction site, and two staff members showed their intention to come, one staff member said that the construction site is carrying out excavation work, and another staff members rushed to the construction site, in a short while, the machine roar stopped.Walking into the construction site of The third phase of King’s Landing, the reporter saw that there were many muck trucks parked on the road, and most of the vehicles were sitting in the driver’s cab.Further inside, the reporter saw Mr. Zhou’s photos of excavators and muck trucks, but this time has stopped operations, vehicles standing near a number of staff.At about 0 a.m. on April 2, two people were waiting in the junlin Huafu iii construction site in the muck car. The reporter dialed 12319 urban construction service hotline to inform the wiring personnel of the disturbing situation of the construction site at night.The other party said that she would record again and report to the relevant departments that there had been reports from the public about the night construction of the king’s Landing Washington III construction site.In view of the construction problems reported by the public before, law enforcement personnel have been to the construction site, the noise feedback of the public has improved.On April 2, Mr. Zhou told reporters that when reporters arrived at the king’s Landing Washington phase 3 construction site, construction stopped, but began again in the middle of the night.Contractor: residue in the car can’t drive during the day, only homework this evening, the reporter interviewed the third phase of construction project in Washington over the overall contractor litres of fujian province yuan, head of the construction engineering co., LTD., Yang, he said, on April 1 evening, Washington over the three periods of the construction site do the digging, earthmoving operations, but do not belong to the construction.Because the muck truck can not run during the day, so can only work at night.The official said there were no measures to reduce noise at the construction site and residents had to put up with it.For this matter, the reporter interviewed Dong Jianjun, the captain of the first squadron of the mudan District comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade, he said that a while ago received complaints, after understanding, The Third phase of the regent Washington building was in a hurry to hand in the house, 23 o ‘clock to 4 o ‘clock the next day to clean up the construction waste.They have criticized and educated the relevant person in charge of the construction site of The third phase of Washington, King’s Landing, and demanded a fine of 4000 yuan for not being able to start construction between 22 PM and 6 PM the next day.”Both housing delivery and rest are related to people’s livelihood, but they should not conflict.”Dong jianjun said, “digging also belongs to construction, this evening will arrange the team king of the third phase of the construction site in Washington for inspection.”Next, he will strengthen the management, arrange the night on duty personnel, to deal with the behavior of night construction in a timely manner.