I lost my face!The 188 pedestrians were exposed

2022-05-30 0 By

In the year of the Tiger, traffic police in Kunming recently exposed a number of pedestrians running red lights and crossing roads without using zebra crossings, after the first batch of non-motor vehicle violations were exposed.Captured photos released by kunming traffic police show a woman walking undaunted across the road to the middle of a motorway, less than five metres away from a zebra crossing, but not going her own way.While the other two pedestrians were clearly at a red light, but they walked defiantly through the traffic without paying any attention to the speeding cars. According to the information released by kunming Traffic police this time, a total of 188 pedestrians committed traffic violations at multiple intersections in the urban area.Some people may think these behaviors are harmless, but they do not realize that there are safety risks. Citizen: “This can lead to accidents or traffic jams that affect the normal movement of other lanes.”[Exposure] will certainly serve as a warning.”Citizen: “It’s good because it’s for their safety.If everyone follows traffic rules, there will be fewer accidents.”Citizen: “I think it’s ok, it’s good.It is to remind the masses to obey the traffic rules.”Reporters in huancheng South road and Beijing road intersection field investigation found that the intersection has a number of traffic police, traffic assistants in the command of traffic, and even in front of the zebra crossing set up a take-off and landing rod, only when the green light, the take-off and landing rod will be lifted to ensure the safety of pedestrians.However, the reporter also found a few “impatient” pedestrians, in the red light, they went to the driveway, there is no small security risks.// Legal link According to article 62 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, pedestrians shall take crosswalks or street crossing facilities when passing the intersection or crossing the road;Passing a crosswalk with traffic signal lights shall pass in accordance with the instructions of the traffic signal lights;To pass an intersection without traffic signal lights or crosswalks, or to cross a road on a section of road without street crossing facilities, it shall be done after confirming safety.According to Article 89 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, any pedestrian, passenger or non-motor vehicle driver who violates the provisions of road traffic safety laws and regulations on road passage shall be given a warning or fined between five yuan and fifty yuan;If the non-motor vehicle driver refuses to accept the penalty of fine, his non-motor vehicle may be detained.Civilized travel is everyone’s responsibility