Join hands to fight the epidemic!Rice, milk, protective clothing…Supplies from many places rushed to Shanghai

2022-05-30 0 By

Shanghai is now at a critical stage of epidemic prevention and control.Rice, dairy products and other daily necessities, as well as medical supplies such as protective clothing and surgical gloves, have been mobilized to help Shanghai.Heilongjiang more than 1400 tons of rice and other aid to Shanghai supplies have been transported to reporters from the China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., LTD., recently, loading milk and other dairy products aid Shanghai freight train from Shangzhi station to 2000 kilometers away from the Northern suburbs of Shanghai station.Since the beginning of April, Harbin Bureau Group Corporation has run six freight trains carrying more than 1,400 tons of rice, milk and other supplies from Qiqihar, Suihua and Wuchang of Heilongjiang Province to help Shanghai fight the epidemic.On the morning of April 8, 10 trucks carrying medical supplies and daily necessities from Jingzhou, Hubei province, set off for Shanghai to express their confidence in fighting the epidemic together.The aid materials purchased by the Jingzhou municipal government include 260,000 pieces of medical protective materials and 22,000 pieces of daily necessities.Medical supplies are mainly protective clothing, surgical gloves, etc., and daily supplies are mainly jingzhou agricultural products.In addition to government procurement, many caring enterprises in Jingzhou also joined the ranks of assistance.The aid materials were mainly sent to Liangcheng Subdistricts in Songjiang, Fengxian and Hongkou districts of Shanghai.Eight million yuan of charity supplies have been sent to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to prepare 100,000 pieces of special dried fruit, nang and other charity supplies to Shanghai.On April 7, the first batch of supplies loaded from Urumqi left for Shanghai overnight, helping Shanghai to win an early victory in epidemic prevention and control.(CCTV reporter Qiao Renhui, Xu Zhihao, Wang Weichao, Bu Peng, Cao Jiang Zan Sunan, Nanda jie, Song Kelan) source: CCTV news client