Of 100 yuan emulsioni paint and 1000 yuan have why to distinguish?High price emulsioni paint, want to pay tax of high IQ

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Emulsioni paint market is more and more chaotic, the price varies from dozens of yuan to 1000 multivariate.These low emulsioni paint, with what distinction does high emulsioni paint have?How to choose, ability chooses emulsioni paint of a high cost performance?Today, we are going to talk about these two issues.The influential factor of emulsioni paint price emulsioni paint of high price and low emulsioni paint compare, basically have the following 3 points to differ.1. Different performance, poor performance of cheap latex paint.The performance of emulsioni paint, basically reflect go up in coloring ability and mildew proof.The ability to paint, or cover – poor paint, will become a thin layer on the wall.Thin paint, life is naturally short.Mildew proof ability, decided latex paint face is good not to do.Mildew-proof ability strong lacquer face, can be wiped boldly with wet dishcloth in the future clear.On the contrary, mildew resistance is poor, not only can not wipe, but also beware of black mildew spots on the surface.2. Different environmental protection levels, metope formaldehyde can not be ignored.Present emulsioni paint, besides the sort of ultra cheap inferior product of a barrel of dozens of dollars, basically can achieve environmental protection requirement.But high price emulsioni paint, like to hold “environmental protection” banner to sell most.As everyone knows, as long as it is qualified latex paint, won’t produce too much formaldehyde pollution.Alleged “zero formaldehyde” emulsioni paint, also no more than is icing on the cake, did a little upgrade again on originally very excellent environmental protection foundation — price, turned over several times however.3. The brand premium is serious, but it is also guaranteed.The premium of emulsioni paint brand is one of the most serious building materials, the price of well-known emulsioni paint brand, often the product of the same quality higher than other brands 50%.At the high end, it’s even several times higher.However, this does not mean that the products of big brands are bad, they do provide some guarantee for products.For instance after sale is more convenient, return change goods won’t give a problem (building materials is to retreat much less fill commonly), complementary color also not easy to appear chromatic difference.Brand is a double-edged sword, whether to choose a big brand, all depends on personal choice.The choose and buy of emultii paint does not suggest to choose so-called “high-end product” above all, also mentioned in front, common emultii paint has been able to satisfy the demand of ordinary family, so called “high-end” more just gimmick.How to distinguish the stand or fall of common latex paint then?Can be in when choosing lacquer, do the following 4 movements: 1. Touch, put the finger into paint bucket, touch the simple sense of latex paint.Good latex paint is very slippery and soft.Finger in emulsioni paint close close open again, can feel slight resistance — good emulsioni paint has certain stickiness.Poor emulsioni paint, can have apparent grain feeling.There is no resistance when the fingers are open, similar to the sensation of being immersed in water.2. Smell. Get close to the latex paint bucket and smell the paint.Good emulsioni paint, can have light clear fragrance.Latex paint of medium quality will be as tasteless as water.Inferior emulsioni paint, after be near, can spread apparent pungent taste.If it’s serious, it can make you cry.This latex paint contains a lot of formaldehyde, do not buy!3. Paint, find a piece of colored paper (leaflet on the line), paint latex on top.Always use a brush, not your hands. It’s pointless.Brush once to see if the latex paint can hide the color on the paper.Completely cover impossible of course, but can pass contrast, judge the covering ability of different emulsioni paint.If possible, this test works better on a rough surface such as a wooden board.4. Pour, the paper that just brushed latex paint does not throw, take a cup of water to pour on the surface after air is dried.Because paint face only, and dry degree is not tall, so after water is poured, one part emulsii paint can be washed away certainly.The more it washes away, the less waterproof the latex paint becomes.Inferior emulsioni paint, after being splashed by water, can be washed away completely, the surface is completely clean.In a good latex paint, no more than 30% of the paint will be washed away.