Police in Heshan, Jiangmen, cracked three criminal cases involving “two cards” and arrested three suspects

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On February 10, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Heshan City, jiangmen, since the “card break” operation has been carried out, heshan City public Security Bureau has deeply explored the row of electric fraud case clues, severely cracked down on the “two cards” (phone cards, bank cards) black ash crime.Recently, the bureau police after careful investigation, uncovered three cases involving “two cards” crime, captured the suspect 3 people.A few days ago, Heshan City public Security Bureau Gulao police station in the process of sorting out clues in the case, found residents Li and Wu have sold, lend bank cards to others suspected of illegal use.Investigation police rely on the wisdom of the new police platform, quickly determine the suspect Li and Wu location.January 4 at 14:00, the police by squatting point ambush, in sha Ping street a square near the exit of the parking lot suspect Li mou (male, 22 years old, the city’s gulao town) and Wu mou (female, 21 years old, the city’s house Wu town) captured.According to the trial, the suspects li and Wu, who are also lovers, sold their bank cards, mobile phone cards, U shield and other sets of identity information to others in June 2020 for Internet crimes such as money transfer and money laundering, and made illegal profits from them.After checking, in just half a year time, li mou and Wu mou bank card cash flow amount up to more than 6 million yuan.January 2, Heshan City public Security Bureau Taoyuan police station according to the anti-fraud center to provide clues that the area of a man Mai (male, 23 years old, Jiangmen Taishan city) under the name of the bank card flow is abnormal, there are suspected of helping criminals transfer stolen money.After receiving the report, the police quickly launched the investigation of the case, on January 4, the investigation police relying on the wisdom of the new police platform, in a hotel room in Taoyuan town will be arrested suspect Mai.After interrogation, the suspect Mai confessed that his classmate Guan mou (has been dealt with separately) introduced a “easy money” method to him, let him provide alipay, wechat, bank cards and other accounts for overseas gambling platform brush water, transfer of stolen money, while promising to give him a certain “preferential fee”.Mai mou knowingly for others to transfer suspected of illegal crimes, but under the lure of high returns, still holding a fluke psychology to help transfer.On the same day, Mai mou through the alipay platform to help lawless elements involved in more than 40 thousand yuan of capital turnover.At present, the suspects Li mou, Wu mou for suspected of helping information network crime activities were detained in accordance with the law, Mai Mou for suspected of concealing the proceeds of crime, the proceeds of crime was detained in accordance with the law, related cases are being further tried.Police alert:Buying, selling and renting “two cards” are illegal activities. Do not be greedy for petty benefits. Buy, sell and rent your mobile phone cards, bank cards and accounts on Third-Party payment platforms such as wechat and Alipay to criminals, or help them transfer money to “run points” and become an accomplice of fraudsters.Otherwise, they will face four disciplinary measures: credit punishment, business restriction, account control and legal punishment.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | QiuRuiNi