When I was a kid, my mom helped me with my homework, but it wasn’t just a beating, and finally when I was in middle school, she couldn’t understand it

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We did A survey about what was the worst thing you were prepared to hit as A child.When I was six years old, big New Year’s day, I didn’t put firecrackers, parents not to buy, in the evening to eat the meal when I told grandma: grandma if you die right now, I have a lot of firecrackers put my math is bad, how many, also can’t remember if it weren’t for my grandma to shield, estimate me baby teeth that moment is in a mouth out.Net friend B: When I was a child, I didn’t know there was a hundred fake money at home, so I took it out to play together and bought a cigarette in a small shop. The old lady of the small shop didn’t know money, and then my husband came back and found it was fake. I heard that they fought all night.Net friend C: When I was young, I was very bad at math, and 20.30 was common. My mother taught me how to do division, but I couldn’t learn it. She pressed me on the bed with a coat hanger and beat me very hard.Once I think of my childhood, I will never forget it.Feel free to comment in the comments section