Xizang’s Tsering Zhandui finished the race smoothly

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The picture shows China’s Tsering Zhandui in the competition.The men’s 15km (traditional technique) cross-country skiing of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games began at 3 PM on February 11 in Zhangjiakou National Cross-country Ski Center. Tsering Zhandui finished the race in 43 minutes 22.2 seconds, placing 63rd.Today’s match, China sent Shang Jincai, Hades Badrihan, Liu Rongsheng, Tsering Zhandui to fight.According to the rules of the race, one person should start every 30 seconds, and Tsering should start in 73rd place.After a fierce competition, tsering zhandui finished the race in 43:22.2, ranking 63rd.Among the four Chinese players, shang Jincai with the best result ranked 41st, Liu Rongsheng, Hades Badrihan and Tsering Zhandui ranked 47th, 57th and 63rd respectively.After the game, Tsering zhandui immediately accepted the xizang Daily reporter’s interview.Tsering zhandui said of his performance today: “Through the preparation and training, I adjusted my match to my best condition today. It was great to show myself in such a high-level competition. I really enjoyed the competition.”Tsering Zhandui, the youngest of six children, was born in Xiaqu Town, Biru County, Nagqu City, Xizang Province.”If it weren’t for ice sports, I would be just an ordinary high school student now. Ice sports changed my life.”Tibet is rich in ice and snow resources, development of ice and snow sports, has the advantageous conditions, tsering heap of feel obligated to help development of ice and snow sports, “we always say we are the children of snow area plateau, has a natural affinity for ice and snow, the next to go home, I’m going to take my ski equipment, let the village children touch to have a look, what is skiing.Show them videos of my games so they can see the wider world outside.I’m sure there are more talented kids out there who can change their lives through ice sports.”Bing Dandan is very popular in the athlete village, and Ciren Zhandui did not buy it: “When I buy it, I want to give bing Dandan to my mother. I seldom go home from training outside these years. I miss my mother very much, and I believe my mother will also like it very much.When you take a vacation, go home and spend time with your parents.”In the future, Tsering zhandui will continue to prepare for high-level international competitions such as the World Cup and the World Youth Championships. “I believe in my potential. As long as I work hard enough, I will definitely improve my performance.”Cross-country skiing is a basic event of snow events. There is a certain gap between China and European and American developed teams from the previous results.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, is the first time since the international Snow Federation revised the rules of competition, the implementation of all events.In 2018, China cross-country skiing established China’s first cross-country skiing national training team through cross-boundary and cross-sport selection of talents. The team is composed of athletes from han, Uygur, Tibetan and other ethnic groups, all of whom are “post-90s” and “post-00s”.Standing on the Olympic Games, has created history!Tsering is also expected to compete in the men’s 4x10km relay on Feb 13 and the men’s 50km mass start (free technique) on Feb 19 in the coming days.Look forward to the next wonderful performance of Tsering Zhandui.Source: Xizang Daily