About shenzhen student labor education!The opinions will go into effect on March 1

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Recently, the portal website of Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau released the “Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau on further Strengthening the implementation of labor education in Primary and secondary schools” (hereinafter referred to as the “opinions”).Learned, “opinion” is the shenzhen bureau of education according to “the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council about support to shenzhen the opinions of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics first demonstration zone” new era “of the central committee of the communist party of the State Council on strengthening the opinions of the big labor education of primary and secondary schools” and the Ministry of Education “the great work of primary and secondary schools education guidelines (try out)” and other documents required,It is formulated to further strengthen labor education in primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen, promote the simultaneous development of education and education, and speed up the advance demonstration of education in Shenzhen.The guidelines put forward the following implementation goals:Educational target for the integration of family, school education, social labor resources, provides the high quality for each student, the choice of labor education opportunity, let student get rich work experience, master the necessary labor skills, set up correct concept of labor, develop good working habits, cultivate a positive working spirit and creative thinking of labor,We will foster an atmosphere of respect and love for work, problem-solving, creativity and cooperation, and carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation of hard work and dedication.The goal of the work is to coordinate labor education resources and establish the “trinity” coordinated implementation mechanism of family labor education, school labor education and social labor education.By 2025, 100 off-campus labor education bases will be built, 100 demonstration schools for labor education will be set up, 100 famous labor education teachers will be trained, a series of labor education courses will be developed, and a labor education system with Shenzhen characteristics that combines both school and off-campus education, has a complete curriculum system, rich and diverse resources and a sound system and mechanism will be established.A pattern of collaborative education should be formed to make labor education routine at home, regular in school and diversified in society, so as to make labor education a priority.The above Implementation Opinions will come into force on March 1, 2022 and remain valid for five years.Writing: Nandu reporter Zhou Zhengyang