Shiqing anti-skid: Lianyungang anti-skid agent?

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Shiqing anti-skid: Chongqing ground anti-skid treatment?I. Brief introduction of the project: The project is Wanda Plaza, located in Xinjian Village, Gele Mountain Town, Shapingba District.2. Construction contents (1) concrete cushion (2-3 cm) (2) gravel leveling and pavement paving (4.5*6 m/piece)General ground skid treatment are: (1) concrete base clearance, with wire brush and other preliminary surface treatment;② On the old cement pavement or asphalt pavement chiseled to a firm foundation, add an appropriate amount of quartz sand, fly ash and mineral admixtures (such as Chongqing Hengbang) into the original paving materials, stir evenly into a modified epoxy sealant filled in the base and smooth compaction.(3) The use of corrosion resistant coating agent ground skid mainly refers to the large flow of people, vehicles in frequent places laid a layer of thickness of about 2mm, used to provide foot effect and security and other functions.The specific construction method is as follows :1. Base treatment: clean the sundries in the surface and cracks, and then daub them with cement slurry or epoxy mortar until smooth and dry;2. Hair: to repair the parts of dust, sweep and light chongqing ground skid treatment: a.Sprinkling water on the concrete pavement can not only reduce the friction and viscosity of the road but also have a cleaning effect.Two, the use of steel broom to remove dust residue three, the asphalt mixture evenly distributed in the street surface has been repaired level four, when the asphalt concrete deformation, can be spread sand or pouring asphalt oil to control five.If it is the old marking can directly tear the ground skid treatment can effectively reduce the pedestrian and motorcycle fall rate, but also to protect the shoulder ditch, flower platform and other facilities.The uneven gravel pits on ramps and curves have also been reinforced.Usually before the rainy season to complete the drainage system;Ventilation measures should be taken in summer.When the service life reaches about 10 to 15 years (such as 30 to 50 meters), it needs to be considered every 3 to 5 years