Shijiazhuang study de post: fund from the exam section 2 division 3 which simpler?

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There are three subjects in the 2022 Fund Practice Exam, one of which is compulsory. Candidates can choose one of the two or three subjects to register for the exam.A lot of examinees are in trouble, fund from profession examination division 2 division 3 choose which good?Which subject is easier?Subject 1: Fund laws and regulations, professional ethics and business norms Subject 2: Basic knowledge of Securities Investment Fund Subject 3:Basic knowledge of private equity investment fund for 120 minutes, 100 single topic selection (1 point per question) 60 points according to the examination teaching material and test situation, some relative partial science, two sections will involve financial foundation calculation, both transaction settlement funds investment, fund valuation and accounting, such as content, has a wide coverage, subject setting is more flexible, need the examinee thoroughly master knowledge,And can solve all kinds of practical problems.Section three is more liberal arts, involving equity investment fund overview, equity investment fund classification, equity investment fund government supervision and industry self-discipline, etc., need to recite more content.Usually, many examinees think that subject two is more difficult than subject three, but the specific difficulty still varies from person to person.If you’re good at math, subject 2 might be easier, but if you’re good at memorizing, subject 3 is a good choice.In the selection of fund professional examination subjects, students with excellent results suggest that in addition to the difficulty of examination subjects, we should also combine the direction of subsequent employment.Subject 1 + subject 2 applies to: securities, equity, equity creation, other types of employees.Subject one + subject three applies to: equity investment funds (venture capital funds) practitioners.In summary, examinee can be combined with their actual situation, choose fund from qualification examination course.