Wushan: Bauhinia bloom can if xia

2022-06-01 0 By

In late Spring and April, as the temperature rises, patches of wild bauhinia blossom in the high altitude area of Wushan County, forming a colorful picture and a spectacular sight.It is understood that wild bauhinia is mainly distributed in high-altitude towns such as Jianping, Wuxia and Muluping in Wushan County, covering a total area of more than 10,000 mu.Every year before and after the Qingming Festival, Jianping township is covered with bauhinia, swaying on the hills, from afar, the whole mountain has become a purple sea.The sepals of bauhinia are purplish red, and the petals are white, like millions of lovely purple butterflies.When a breeze blows, these purple “little butterflies” dance.This kind of redbud of wushan alias man bar red, tree redbud, the local people call “luo basket tree”, belong to leguminous deciduous tree, the plant that grows naturally can reach 16 meters, it is the fine native tree that has ornamental value extremely.In addition, the Redbud of Wushan besides have good ornamental sex outside, its bark pedicel still can enter medicine, branch can make basket, use is wider.In recent years, Wushan county has strengthened ecological protection and strengthened measures to close mountains and cultivate forests, making bauhinia now flourish and gradually become forests.At the same time, we will build a “beautiful economy”, develop tourism and eco-tourism, turn clear waters and lush mountains into mountains of gold and silver, and promote rural revitalization.(Lu Zuobing tan Yuzhou)