Auman Galaxy initial experience: inside and outside and “show”, really different

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New Year new atmosphere, New Year new car test.In the first week of the year of the Tiger, we celebrate the hottest star truck of 2022, the Auman Galaxy.When Auman Galaxy was released last year, we saw it at the first time, but due to the on-site conditions, we were not able to experience it deeply at that time.Finally, I have the opportunity to have a close look, sit on it for a few laps, and personally feel the product power of Auman Galaxy.When I first saw the Galaxy, what impressed me most was its revolutionary design.Round shape with large size curved anti-uv glass, both sides of the window column painted black, like a future soldier wearing sunglasses.The air intake grille and bumper are decorated with the diamond mesh like stars, showing the radial beauty of the law, mesh embedded with 28 light guide, when the night falls, each star can be lit, just like the Milky Way starry sky.The star River Matrix headlamp is bold and avant-garde in design. It integrates all LED lights into small triangles. The top three are far-light, the middle two are near-light, the bottom one is fog light, and the outer strip serves as daytime running light, outline light and turn signal.The cab with the flat floor of the Galaxy is very high and looks very imposing from a distance.If you want to experience this kind of spirit, you have to climb the four-level pedal to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains.One advantage of the height of the cab is the extra space. The Galaxy flat floor cab has a toolbox on the left side and two on the right, which can accommodate as many tools as possible.Turning to the rear of the cab, it will be found that the rear of the cab expands significantly under the cover of the side skirt plate, which creates more space inside the cab, which will be evident when we look at the sleeping berth later.Into the interior of the cab, you will find that it has really spent a lot of thought on interior design.Milky Way has a new design style, which is wrapped in skin-like materials, laser engraving, and embellished with chrome to give it a more textured look.There are also many innovations in arrangement, layout and functional design, and every corner is full of sense of science and technology.The most obvious is the two large display screens on the instrument platform. Facing the driver is the 12.3-inch main instrument panel, on which all parameters related to the vehicle state can be projected, concise, clear and clear.The secondary screen is a large 10-inch multimedia LCD screen, which can be linked with the main screen to achieve entertainment navigation, Internet of vehicles, mobile phone interconnection, 360 video and other auxiliary functions.New style multi-functional leather steering wheel, damping and grip feeling is just right, steering movement is light and the upper body movement is small.The key knobs on the steering wheel have also been rearranged, and the frequently used cruise control buttons are placed separately at the lower end of the steering wheel, making it more convenient for the driver to operate and set.The most interesting is the galaxy to the steering wheel equipped with a shift plate, this luxury car configuration is the first time to appear in the domestic heavy truck.From a practical point of view, the shift pad makes manual intervention more timely and convenient, and works well with the AMT gearbox.A lot of knobs have been removed from the instrument panel. By upgrading the configuration such as one-button start, electronic handbrake and electronic knobs, the original “abrupt” parts are integrated into the overall concise style.The small storage box in the central console can be both storage and a wireless charging seat. After using the mobile phone, you can put it into it, seamlessly connecting the charging process, so that the driver will no longer be anxious about electricity.If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, there are a number of cigarette lighter ports and USB charging ports that allow you to charge your phone wherever and whenever you are in the main driver’s seat, passenger seat, or sleeping berth.What if you want to use more electricity?Galaxy also provides a 220-1000W power interface under the master bedroom, which can meet the needs of cooking, boiling water and high-power electrical appliances.On the passenger side, it also provides a cup holder for heating and cooling. The air vent inside the cup holder is connected with the air duct of the air conditioner. You can drink hot water in winter and cold drinks in summer.In front of the front passenger, there is a shrink type tray table, bearing 3 kg, usually used for bookkeeping, reading, eating, entertainment are very convenient, sitting in the passenger seat can enjoy the treatment of high-speed rail second-class seat.The main and passenger car of Galaxy adopts grammer 115 series, the latest generation of multi-functional airbag seats, with wide and long seat cushions and backrest. The main car supports ventilation heating, massage, support and multiple adjustments. The seat rises and downs gently when passing through bumpy roads, and the sound of inflating and deflating is very low, which gives me a really good experience.Thanks to the large outward expansion of the rear of the cab, the size of yinhe’s lower berth is up to 1010mm. Unlike the general large berth, which is wide in the middle and narrow at both ends, this lower berth is widened in all directions, so that the head, waist and feet can be stretched out in all directions when lying down.Under the sleeper, there is a large drawer reserved for a lot of things that go with the car.If you need to eat in the car, this location can be optional car refrigerator, enough to store ingredients for a week.In the front and upper part of the cab, there are three large size lockers with large open hatchback doors, which can easily store bedding and clothes for two people without any problem.Parking air conditioning is standard on the top of the cab, which has been used.Original design of traceless installation, no secondary installation, not afraid of three products, do not worry about edge ball.The Galaxy we test-drove was powered by A fukuda Cummins A13 series 580 horsepower engine.Inline six cylinder, 12.9L displacement can burst the maximum output power of 426kW in the range of 1000-1400rpm.Transmission is ZF 12-speed AMT automatic transmission. The powertrain system is integrated with Fukuda Daimler, Fukuda Cummins and ZF Fukuda, with transmission efficiency up to 99.7% and fuel consumption reduced by 5%-10%.In addition, the car also comes with a standard hydraulic retarder, which adds a layer of safety for customers who often run mountain routes.The car is equipped with both main and auxiliary fuel tanks and integrated pedal on the side wall of the main tank, which is really nice for users who need to climb up and down a lot.The 760L main tank can be filled with ordinary diesel, while the 300L auxiliary tank can be filled with low grade diesel, which gives consideration to economy and low temperature safety. The total capacity of 1060L gives the car owner greater freedom in terms of fuel price and regional choice.With its innovative and bold exterior, luxurious tech interior, and reliable and capable A-power chain, this car really means it.After deep experience, Galaxy gave me the feeling that I know what users want and dare to use new technology.If you are interested in this car, I recommend you to take it for a test drive. It is really something different.