Long-term relationship, not more than familiar with the rules, get along, do not cross the boundary to get along for a long time

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No matter married man or woman, no boundaries, are chuchui understand pretended to be confused, not forever in the commotion, is to steal to eat fishy, in the marriage without responsibility and bear, in the marriage without growth, you can not succeed, but can not grow, consequences conceit!Marriage needs to give the partner a sense of security, no matter how good the relationship was before, after marriage, we should master the degree of getting along with the opposite sex, cherish the people around us, and live a good life.Married people, no matter how good the heterosexual relationship, should keep their distance.Keep a distance, but also give people around a sense of security.Don’t lose your sense of proportion, no matter who you are with. Getting too close can cause problems.Learn to speak well, is a life of practice.Whether relatives, friends, good language is a must.Be sincere to each other, abide by the rules, be moral, work conscientiously and be a clear man.Learn to say well, nosy, no compassion overflow, pack up redundant feelings, run their own life well, so it is good.Like this article, remember to order a book for you to read oh, tomorrow we will be there.Contact more for business and less for business.Just include her or him as a normal person of the same sex.