Musk has a double blessing

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Good luck comes, can’t stop it.A few days after the start of the year of the Tiger, Musk welcomed the double blessing of national certification.The US National Academy of Engineering announced on its website on February 10 that 111 academicians and 22 foreign academicians were added to the list.One of the most notable is Elon Musk, who earned his bachelor’s degree.Musk, one of the most influential global innovation leaders since Jobs, has many labels.The selection also means that in addition to wealth, technology, Internet celebrity and currency circle, Musk has gained a heavy identity in the academic world.Aside from his personal reputation, President Joe Biden acknowledged for the first time on Tuesday that Tesla is the largest electric car maker in the United States.This comes from the official certification, also let founder Musk is very proud.In terms of actual numbers, though, Tesla is already in the top spot.On the one hand, he is recognized as an academician and on the other, his company is recognized by the president.The double fame is undoubtedly Musk’s biggest gift to start the year.Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, was named to the 2021 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) ‘s list of additional academicians on February 10, Beijing time.Musk retweeted NAE’s article, saying, “Thank you so much.”A total of 111 academicians and 22 foreign academicians were selected.Musk was joined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Gray Denise, president of LG Energy Solutions Michigan, and McDonald John, head of Ge’s smart grid business.However, in the profile column, musk, who was elected academician with an undergraduate degree, was called a real power by many netizens on Twitter.Just because Musk has a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean he’s a bad student.As a new leader in Silicon Valley, Musk chose to drop out of high school to start his own business, just like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did in high school.A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Musk earned a double major in economics and physics as an undergraduate.He was accepted into Stanford university’s materials science PhD program, but dropped out after only two days to start a Silicon Valley startup.Perhaps it is the academic DNA of Silicon Valley’s leading figures, such as Bill Gates in the PC era, Steve Jobs in the mobile era and Elon Musk in the space age.On the reason for the selection, NAE wrote: musk, founder, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX, has made breakthroughs in the design, engineering, manufacturing and operation of reusable launch vehicles and sustainable transportation and energy systems.This means that Musk’s pioneering space exploration is no longer the powerpoint company that has been criticized by the outside world in the past few years, even after Jobs, and once again demonstrates the never-ending innovative exploration ability of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.For Musk personally, the academician honor will also open another circle of musk label.Before the academic circle, Musk mainly in business technology, Internet popularity, wealth index three aspects of the achievements.In the business technology sector, He is known as the real Man of Iron Man because his companies include Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and other cutting-edge innovators.In terms of network popularity, they are called Internet celebrity entrepreneurs because of their deviant remarks, outlandish ideas and behavior styles, including but not limited to corporate governance via Twitter and social speculation.In terms of wealth index, leading enterprises with new energy vehicles, space travel business, brain-computer interface and other cutting-edge innovations, and their business behavior of leading manufacturing trend also greatly accelerated the speed of their wealth returns, and accumulated as the richest person on earth in just a few years.Named Time’s Person of the Year in 2021, editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said Musk “has had a greater impact on life on Earth, and on life beyond.”In his acceptance speech, musk was described as a clown, a genius, a leader, a visionary, an industrialist, a showman, and a rogue.Every adjective can see distinctive characteristics of Musk, now Musk with strength in the academic circle for himself to add a pen “undergraduate academician”.The president is one of Musk’s two most visible stars, spacex and Tesla.The former brought Musk academic glory, while the latter, earlier, used strength and public opinion to coerce President Joe Biden.U.S. President Joe Biden publicly acknowledged Tesla’s role in the U.S. electric car industry on Tuesday, following CEO Elon Musk’s repeated complaints that the company was being ignored by U.S. authorities.More than a year into his presidency, Mr. Biden has avoided mentioning Tesla when discussing the electric car industry.In September, Musk complained that the White House was biased against Tesla when tesla was not invited to an electric car summit hosted by the White House.On January 26, when the White House invited ceos from 10 major U.S. companies, including GM CEO Mary Barra and Ford CEO Jim Farley, to a meeting to discuss Biden’s Build Back Better Act, Tesla was again overlooked.The neglect angered some of Musk’s 72 million Twitter followers, as well as Musk himself.Following A twitter video of Biden talking to GM, Musk commented that “it starts with T, ends with A, and has an ESL in the middle” before riffing on Biden, calling him “A stupid, bad clown.””For unknown reasons, the PRESIDENT of the United States cannot say the word ‘Tesla,'” Musk later tweeted.As an Internet sensation with 72 million followers, these comments and the US President’s selective neglect of Tesla eventually led to a petition started and signed by more than 33,000 people in January.The petition asks U.S. President Joe Biden to recognize Tesla’s leadership in electric vehicles.Petitioners accused Biden of ignoring Tesla because it does not have a union and favoring traditional Detroit automakers because they do.”This is an insult to the Americans who work for Tesla,” the petition said, calling on Biden to “do the right thing and acknowledge tesla’s efforts to make electric cars possible.”Unlike in the past, complaints against Biden have tended to be mostly tweets of whining and verbal sparring.The petition is the first large-scale public effort by Americans to highlight their argument that the company and its commitment to clean energy vehicles have been ignored by the government.The petition ended Tuesday with Biden’s first public speech praising Tesla, more than a year after he was elected president.Many Tesla fans on Twitter called it Biden’s three-second condescension because the mention of Tesla lasted three seconds.In this three seconds, biden said: “from a new electric car production to expand the iconic companies such as general motors and ford, to our country’s largest maker of electric cars, tesla, to the electric car manufacturers Rivian, electric bus maker Proterra such young companies, manufacturing is to return to the United States in decades.”Late Tuesday, Musk took to Twitter to thank Tesla fans for “playing an important role” in their petition.Fans responded to Musk’s tweets, saying we won this round.Biden finally acknowledged Tesla’s leadership position in the U.S. electric vehicle market, which is related to tesla’s strong performance in the global electric vehicle market over the past year, and the Biden administration clearly sees an opportunity for the U.S. manufacturing industry to return behind Tesla’s strong growth.A union at loggerhead would clearly be a sideshow in Mr Biden’s plan to make America work again.For Biden, the focus will be on measures to bring U.S. manufacturing back as the global coronavirus pandemic resets the world’s supply chain.More than a three-second condescension to Tesla, Biden’s plan to direct companies to manufacture strategic assets in the United States includes chips.At a White House briefing in January, Intel announced plans to invest $20 billion to build two advanced chip plants in Ohio, where it said it would invest $100 billion over the next 10 years to build the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing base.Mr Biden, for his part, was quite happy, citing the project as a prime example of his “Made in America” campaign.”Twenty-five, thirty years ago, we could say ‘Made in Ohio,’ ‘Made in America.'”Biden said at a White House news conference with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.In Mr Biden’s view, the project would be a “game changer”, reviving hollowed-out industrial sectors in the Us Midwest and tackling supply chain bottlenecks.It can be seen that with the rise of Manufacturing in China, as well as the outbreak of COVID-19, inflation and supply chain crisis in the United States, the no. 1 power seems to have the idea of revitalizing manufacturing.Before that, whether in Costco or wal-mart and other chain supermarkets, it was common to see the words “Made in China” written on the label of many goods, which had brought a big blow to Americans.So the United States started encouraging manufacturing to come back, and it made good progress.According to data released by relevant US agencies, the number of jobs created by manufacturing repatriation and foreign investment (FDI) reached about 160,000 in 2020, bringing the number of jobs in the US to the one million mark for the first time since 2010.Among them, the capital brought by the manufacturing industry was 100% higher than the FDI, which was also the first time that the capital brought by the manufacturing industry exceeded the FDI since 2013. This also led to the number of local enterprises and overseas investment companies skyrocketing to 1,484 after the implementation of the us repatriation plan.Obviously, in the next few years, the New energy car Tesla, which is in the rapid growth stage, is the Biden administration can not ignore.At the same time, as a global leader in electric vehicles, Tesla is also actively entering some countries such as India and Turkey, and its pace of globalization has obviously accelerated.Behind Musk’s double happiness is also the Biden administration’s strategy to change the past financial system to dominate the world, a pair of finance + manufacturing globalization strategy is gradually unfolding.