The baby looks good, saves on DNA costs, so bear’s happy

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Bear true filial piety, the du aunt Guo uncle received jingdezhen New Year, and for them to do good food, and buy mink!I believe that yC underground knows that they get along so well, live so well, can rest assured!Bear to buy clothes to send in-laws, praise the bear too will be born, son words perfect copy is grandma dad’s strong gene, eyes nose mouth, twinkle and smile, chubby face like aunt.Three generations of a face, fierce bear lost her husband to make people sympathize with, Du aunt lost her son to make people deplore, but did not expect a strong genetic let them get more than 1 million compensation.Life is like this, gain and loss, weigh the pros and cons take them!YC mother with your son!Bear takes good care of Speech, and good times are just around the corner!Poor Uncle Guo, after a lifetime of hard work, he has only one grandson. In the future, his wealth will not be all words. In terms of close relationships, everyone will have to stand aside!What fun!!Over the New Year, Uncle Guo estimated to miss his son again, the studio did not control a good mood, really want to comfort him!Men cry is not a crime, love to the depths of natural reveal.Uncle Guo should be strong. I still count on you in the future for such small words.For the first time in the year of the Tiger, parents live together.Bear is in a good mood, and each video is set to music.Love music, will live the woman luck will not be bad.May Aunt Du guo have surprises every year and have today!