Also hard work. Why are there so few black people in the C-circle?Here’s why

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Hi, I’m Yoyo Animation bacteria. It’s time to talk about animation again.Cosplay belonging to an important part of secondary yuan, so has been liked by vast cartoon fans, held each year around the country have different size of flood, and there are many love secondary yuan cosplay lovers can be out here, moreover can “fame”, become a circle web celebrity harvest countless fans and heat,Maybe this is the charm of cosplay!For example, some time ago, the popular “stamp collecting cat”, after the video fire, there were 2 million people to apply for stamp collecting, which shows that the influence is extraordinary.Wonder often mix C circle of friends has noticed that most of the cosplay performers are almost all the yellow race and a small amount of white, there are few black little brother elder sister, in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, optimal diffuse bacteria black cos has always been a concern to share with you today, her name is LiLi, perennial lurk in the network,She’s also a middle school girl who’s obsessed with quadratic elements, and she’s been in a costume herself.One of the more popular is little sister’s frog blowing plum rain, which is a popular role in my Hero Academy.Although she looks like a frog, she is a gentle and brave girl.The frog Blowing played by LiLi not only has a high degree of restoration in character modeling, but also has made great efforts in facial expression simulation.However, LiLi’s favorite animation is not only My English. When “Ghost Blade” became popular, LiLi decided to pit herself and produced a cosplay of butterfly Tolerance, one of the nine pillars. In fact, from the perspective of clothing, it has to be said that she was very careful and basically achieved 1:The reduction of 1, or the thick lips and skin color unique to black people always makes people feel a little drama, after all, butterfly can as the appearance level of the ghost killing team nine pillars, white skin beautiful body slim is the character characteristics.Of course, LiLi has also played other roles, such as The “adopted son” of Butterfly Ninju, and Kurihana Akanagi, who joined the Ghost Squad at the same time as Tanaburo. To be honest, The characters of Kaanagi and Butterfly Ninju are very similar. If you don’t watch anime, you can hardly find any difference in appearance between them.However, LiLi still makes full use of costume and expression management to restore shanai hu.In fact, in addition to Japanese comics, LiLi has also tried European and American cartoons, such as the Little Mermaid in fairy tales, but few people are familiar with her due to the poor restoration.So the question is, why can’t LiLi’s cosplay surprise audiences with the same amount of effort?Or why are there so few black people in the C-circle?In fact, it is mainly the current two-dimensional yuan, which is dominated by Japanese comics and Chinese comics. The historical background and cultural characteristics of these comics are generally Asian, and the role setting is disadvantageous to black people.In addition, European and American countries do not have a high recognition of animation culture and little participation, so there are few high-quality cosplay fans. The degree of reduction like LiLi is already the ceiling level of black cosplay.