How did Switzerland survive world War II when the German army was almost mad?German expert: We need it!

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The vice president of the Reich Bank of Nazi Germany once put it simply: “The free foreign exchange transactions pursued by Switzerland at the time of neutrality have made a great contribution to the development of our empire!”Is Switzerland really a Nazi survivor because it declared neutrality?Of course, this reason cannot be ruled out, but it is not the main one!After the German war machine was started, Hitler first launched a blitz on the neighboring countries and successively captured 7 countries, including Holland, Belgium and Norway, which were on the border with Germany, but only one Switzerland was left standing unhurt in the southern border of Germany.As a country bordering Germany, Switzerland occupied a very important strategic location. If Hitler could take Switzerland at one stroke, it would be easy for him to communicate with his southern ally Italy.But in fact, Hitler never launched a war against Switzerland from the beginning to the end of World War II, which makes small Switzerland in the whole fierce world War II storm was able to stay alone, from the flames of war, it is a mystery.Did Hitler really have no desire to occupy Switzerland?If there is no that is not in line with the facts, Hitler had already made the battle plan for Switzerland, in 1941 Hitler ordered millions of military gathered at the Border of Switzerland, ready to carry out the plan of attacking Switzerland fir, Germany and Switzerland between a knife blood rain is near.But not long after this, the arrogant Hitler actually gave up the plan to attack Switzerland, will be used to attack The Forces of Switzerland to the north to help the German army in the Soviet Union, so Switzerland dodged a disaster.Therefore, we can see that Hitler still had the ambition and desire to occupy Switzerland, but for various reasons, he finally gave up this action. If world War II had not ended so early, Perhaps Switzerland would inevitably become the cannon fodder of World War II.So why did Hitler give up attacking Switzerland?Is it because Switzerland is neutral?Is Switzerland really able to protect itself because it is a neutral country?In 1815, the European victorious powers held the Vienna Conference and officially accepted Switzerland as a permanent neutral state. Neutrality can be divided into three levels: wartime neutrality, permanent neutrality and executive neutrality, while Switzerland is permanently neutral.Permanent neutrality means that Switzerland inherits not to provoke or wage war willfully, nor to take part in any war, and that if Switzerland is violated, the other countries with which it has entered into a covenant must come to its aid.If it was entirely for this reason that Switzerland was spared the war and was able to protect itself, it was more fortunate that Switzerland was spared the war in The second world War.Hitler was also worried about Switzerland being a permanent neutral country at first, so he sent a surprising number of spies and Gestapo to Switzerland at any time to stir up internal disputes in Switzerland, so as to provide an opportunity and excuse for Germany to launch the war of aggression against Switzerland.In response to the German action, Swiss intelligence Colonel Mason formulated a comprehensive and detailed anti-espionage law, in a period of time will be all the spies and Gestapo in Germany, Germany saw this matter exposed, also let it go.In fact, this was a chess move Hitler made in Switzerland, not because he feared that other countries would come to Switzerland’s aid, but because Switzerland was so dangerous and strategically important that he had to be careful.But this is not to say that simply admitting neutrality can protect him from the German horde. Hitler was never a political gambler who played by rules and flouted international law.Countries like Norway, Denmark and Belgium were all originally neutral and were forcibly occupied by Germany at the outbreak of WORLD War II.Therefore, the status of Switzerland as a neutral country cannot guarantee the safety of Switzerland itself, but can only bring a certain delay for Switzerland. There are other reasons for the German army not to attack Switzerland.It can be divided into natural reasons and social reasons.Switzerland has a very famous mountain range called the Alps, which covers three quarters of the land of Switzerland. The terrain is extremely steep and complex, providing Switzerland with an excellent natural barrier.The terrain is dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack has always been valued by both sides of the war, the defenders can rely on its unique geographical advantages to easily destroy and scare off the enemy’s offensive, and the enemy does not dare to act rashly.Even before the second World War, Switzerland used this geographical advantage to defeat Austria’s expansion into Switzerland several times, and drove out the Habsburg rulers, for Switzerland’s independence and freedom opportunities.Hitler also took this into consideration. The advantage of The German army was its advanced armored troops, while the Swiss area was difficult and its armored troops could not play a practical role and might even be in danger.Moreover, Switzerland could carry out guerrilla and interference warfare against Hitler’s German army by virtue of the benign concealment characteristics of its complex mountains, thus making up for the disadvantage of Swiss army, fully displaying its advantages and carrying out frequent wars of attrition against The German army.If Switzerland could not be captured in a short time, and the German army could not afford a war of attrition, Hitler was a little deterred from such a country that could be attacked or not and posed no threat to himself.Although Switzerland promised to remain neutral forever, in fact, it adopted the policy of armed neutrality, that is, “to be neutral abroad, to be armed at home.”Although Switzerland does not have a permanent army or weapons, virtually every Swiss citizen is a well-trained soldier who can be called upon to fight at any time.During the Second World War, Switzerland had a total of more than 5 million people. Although it was not a large number, under the influence of the idea that all the people were soldiers, the 5 million people could be turned into 5 million huge troops at any time, which was a great deterrent.For example, after Germany launched world War II, In order to prevent Nazi Germany from attacking at any time, Switzerland held three huge mobilization conferences successively, among which the largest one was in July 1939, the Swedish government only summoned 500,000 troops within a few hours.Secondly, Swiss residents are very good at disguising. In Switzerland, we can often see some strange decorations. These decorations are not for looking good, but for another purpose.For example, what at first glance looks like a decrepit house is a tank ready to go, an unremarkable house with a huge bomb shelter hidden beneath it.In addition, Swiss residents make use of the advantages of various mountains in their country to carve huge holes in the mountain wall, which can be used to collect all kinds of daily food and weapons and so on. Some of the holes also have a large number of fighter planes and tanks, which can cope with sudden crises at any time.If the Germans were to wipe out Switzerland, they would not only have to be prepared for a long war but they would have to send at least a million elite German troops to take Switzerland safely, which Hitler did not want to experience or see.Swiss card in the hand, control the fate of Germany and Italy contact hub after the outbreak of the second world war, not to Italy once again became the German Allies, Mussolini when themselves they will not German aid so as an ally of Germany to give Italy a certain moment economic and military aid.But the only country Germany had to pass through to get its strategic supplies and troops safely to Italy was Switzerland, so Switzerland had a very important strategic and military position between Germany and Italy.In previous times of peace, Switzerland had negotiated with Italy to build the Gotthard and Simplon tunnels under the Alps that separated the two countries in order to facilitate its connection with Italy.These two tunnels were necessary for Germany to communicate with Italy, but the Swiss heard that there was a war between Germany in the north and Italy in the south, and the Swiss wanted to protect themselves by putting explosives all around the tunnels, which could be detonated at any time to destroy both tunnels.If he conquered Switzerland by violence regardless of everything, Switzerland might lose its rationality and fight Germany and Italy to the death by blowing up tunnels, so that Germany and Italy could lose contact on land.Italy without the German army would have to go it alone and surrender on the Mediterranean coast for a short time, which would be bad for Germany’s overall strategic plan.So it was for this reason that Hitler had to abandon his original plan to attack Switzerland.Switzerland is of great use value to Germany, and Germany does not want to completely break off with Switzerland. The developed financial industry and manufacturing industry in Switzerland provided necessary support for Germany in the war. Generally speaking, Switzerland is of great use value to Germany.Germany launched world War II and plundered a lot of war wealth from various countries. In order to ensure that these war wealth could be used for its own use and absorb the painful lessons of World War I, Germany kept part of the money in Swiss banks.However, Swiss bank has a consistent tradition, that is, it has the obligation of absolute confidentiality to customers. No matter how these properties are obtained, it will not refuse anything that comes, and it will never disclose customers’ privacy and information to the outside world. In this way, Germany can safely send a large number of properties to Swiss Bank for preservation.Germany can also use these rich foreign exchange in exchange for the necessary war preparedness resources and necessities for life, to meet the needs of Germany to expand its armaments.Nazi Germany and imperial bank vice President once said: “the Swiss allow free of foreign exchange plays a decisive role to the development of the empire” so you can see Germany and Switzerland actually has formed a harmonious state of tacit understanding, mutual benefit and to Switzerland Germany itself is not how much of a threat, if try to break this state, so did not pay for Germany.Most of Switzerland is Germanic and has the same root as Hitler. Hitler’s reluctance to fight against him is a very important reason that has always been easily ignored by people. That is the racial problem in Switzerland, which is the subjective reason for Hitler to give up attacking Switzerland.We should not forget that Hitler was also Germanic from Austria, and he had a very strong sense of identity and maintenance of his own nation.One of the things Hitler talked about when he started World War II was to provide a happy life for the Germans and make them the best people in the world.Switzerland, on the other hand, is predominantly Germanic, accounting for more than 60 percent of the population, and 65 percent of the population speaks German, which made The manic Hitler had to calm down and think about this problem.If the horn to attack Switzerland once sounded, Hitler had to abandon his national belief and launch a decisive war with the Germanic people of the same ethnic group, which was what Hitler, who had a very strong spirit of nationalism, did not want to see.Isn’t the majority of the Austrian population also Germanic, one might wonder?Why did Hitler take Austria anyway?In fact, Hitler did not conquer Austria with great force, Hitler was an Austrian, Hitler was in the Austrian Germanic welcome back in the streets, that is to say, Austria was open to welcome the German troops.Hitler’s insistence on his own racial doctrines meant that he would not invade Switzerland.For all these reasons, Switzerland was able to survive world War II on its own.Do you have any more profound factors in mind?Welcome to exchange!