The first domestic laser TV industry standard formally implemented, light peak technology and other drafting

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April 1, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China’s first laser TV industry standard “TV receiving equipment laser projection display specification” formally implemented.The standard was drafted by 25 companies including The China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, Guangfeng Technology, Hisense, Changhong and Xiaomi.This in many industries, means that the laser TV industry has a “formal march” posture, will provide a clear and orderly “template” for the future healthy and orderly development.Industry insiders said that the formal implementation of the first industry standard for laser TV is of great significance to the healthy development of the laser TV industry. The situation of the mixed situation in the laser TV market will be effectively contained, and laser TV is expected to accelerate the popularization of the market with broad prospects for development.The huge market potential of laser TV attracted a lot of well-known enterprises.Aowei cloud network monitoring data shows that the number of laser TV brands that can be monitored in the Chinese market has 34.According to incomplete statistics, the current layout of laser TV related business listed companies there are 9, respectively is light peak technology, Hisense video, Shenkangjia A, Jim technology, Sichuan Changhong and other companies.Light Peak Technology (688007.SH) is the world’s first ALPD® laser display technology, known as the “king of new display”.The company’s new product reserve continues to increase, B/C end market dual wheel drive.In the c-side, the company has opened up a new track of laser micro-projection. Its subsidiary, Fengmi, has launched new products such as Fengmi R1 /R1 Nano ultra-short focal laser projection, Fengmi X1 long focal laser projection, And Fengmi P1 pocket laser projection to meet a variety of scenarios, with cost-effective advantages.In December last year, it also launched the Phonmi PANchromatic LASER TV T1, a partnership with Bowers & Wilkins to upgrade the large-screen audio experience.In the aspect of B, the company launched ALPD laser highlight version of Changjin Lake and My Parents during the National Day period. The domestic installation of ALPD® laser light source projection equipment exceeded 26,000 sets, and created large light show projects such as Chongqing Light Art Season and “Liaocang” Art Museum in Shigang Park.Hisense Video, a traditional TV manufacturer, said its laser display products cover the whole terminal and upstream core components, including:Home display (laser TV, laser cinema, laser portable intelligent projection), commercial display (laser commercial projector, conference display equipment, educational display equipment and non-flat display (abnormal display) equipment), and laser display core components (optical engine).From the end of March to April 2022, the company will release new laser TV products through both online and offline channels.In the latest investor relations activities, Jimi technology said that since its establishment, the company has focused on the field of intelligent projection, developed a number of color optimization, screen intelligent correction technology.According to IDC, in 2018, 2019, 2020 and the first half of 2021, the company’s shipments continued to remain the first in China’s projection equipment market, with market shares reaching 13.2%, 14.6%, 18.1% and 20%, respectively.Xu Zuyan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that laser TV has advantages in product form, picture quality performance, low carbon environmental protection and other aspects, with ultra high definition picture quality, cinema level immersion, home integration and other advantages.Research firm RUNTO expects more than 1 million laser TVS to be shipped in 2024.Societe Generale securities pointed out that the domestic laser TV market scale rapid growth.With the maturity of the upstream industry chain and the improvement of the degree of localization, the performance of laser TV products continue to upgrade, the price continues to drop, laser TV in the super-size TV products highlight the advantages, market popularity is expected to accelerate.