The latest statistics of the number of applicants for yunnan 2022 provincial examination: 53,297 people, the fiercest competition ratio of 675:1

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As of 9 am on February 24, 53,297 people had registered to pay for the yunnan provincial examination, kaiping news reporters learned from yunlingxianfeng website. The competition ratio for the most competitive positions reached 675:1, with an average competition ratio of 15:1 and 987 positions competing for less than 3:1.The position with the largest number of applicants was secretary of the Office of zhaotong Standing Committee of the People’s Congress. One person was invited, and 675 people paid, with a competition ratio of 675:1.The position with the second highest competitive ratio was the comprehensive business position in Jinbi Sub-district Office of the People’s Government of Xishan District, Kunming city, with 1 recruit and 491 pay, and the competitive ratio was 491:1.The third most competitive position is the natural resources management position in Dalong Tan Management Institute of Natural Resources Bureau of Asan Yi Autonomous County, Yuxi City, with 1 recruit and 401 pay, and the competitive ratio is 401:1.As of 9 a.m. on Feb. 24, 269 vacancies remained unfilled as the deadline for application was 18 p.m. Feb. 25.Including yunnan province social insurance and social insurance policies and regulations study position, talent service center of financial management in yunnan province, yunnan province, the highways agency legal duty, the rural economy in yunnan province agricultural economic statistics post operation management stations, kunming wuhua district people’s court judge assistant, kunming xiong deyou close the street agency of the people’s government of people’s government, the mountain west conference in kunming, integrated management positionsNo one applied for the positions of general management of Fuma Street Office, General management of Wenquan Street Office of Kunming Anning People’s Government, and general management of Dongcun Town People’s Government of Kunming Fumin County.At present many public test training institutions to give the suggestion is: this provincial test registration audit for manual audit.During the registration period, students who fail to pass the examination can fill in other positions.If you pass the examination, you cannot change to another position after paying the examination fee.At the same time, remind the examinee as far as possible do not apply in a group on the 25th, to avoid the audit does not pass, can not be changed to other positions.In addition, when registering for a post, candidates can know the competition heat of the position they intend to register for in advance and choose the position suitable for themselves.Shi Yongkai, director of yunnan Huatu Education Civil Servant Project, who has been engaged in civil servant exam training for many years, suggested that candidates should choose suitable positions and make full use of their advantages to register for the exam.As the exam time is getting closer and closer, for candidates who are currently preparing for the exam, during the preparation period, in addition to the need to adjust the learning mentality and state, but also need to adjust the time management and allocation.Not only to read, brush, but also to learn to summarize the test points, problem solving ideas and methods, efforts must have good learning habits and efficient learning methods.Open Screen News reporter Zhang Tianrui source: Open Screen news