Three truck owners in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, have been punished for violating transportation control requirements

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The picture is punishment notice of chaoyang market.Liang Xi release for figure (against COVID – 19) three trucks transport control breach in wuxi city, jiangsu province Involved merchants to be punished, Beijing, wuxi, April 7 (Reuters) 7 (reporter sun quan) news agency reporter learns from Liang Xi area in wuxi city business bureau, for 3 van in the process of “peer-to-peer” escort to leave the team, not to leave wuxi according to requirements of the specified route and epidemic prevention,The declaration qualification of freight vehicles entering Wuxi of relevant merchants has been cancelled.In order to carry out epidemic prevention and control scientifically and accurately, and ensure the normal passage of daily necessities freight in Wuxi, Liangxi District Supply market Control Team implemented the “point-to-point” transfer control of freight vehicles and drivers entering Wuxi for daily necessities according to the relevant requirements of Wuxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Circular No. 100.In this process, some freight vehicles did not strictly implement the requirements of “unloading (loading) upon arrival and returning”, and left the convoy without permission during the “point-to-point” escort process, and did not leave Wuxi according to the designated route and epidemic prevention requirements.On April 5, area Liang Xi deep river street joint public security, traffic police departments escorted 178 van from wuxi, but during the “peer-to-peer” escort found 3 truck to leave the team, the merchant did not strictly implement enterprise’s main body responsibility, not timely report whether drivers leave wuxi related information, brought the hidden danger to the epidemic prevention work.In response, the relevant departments asked the Chaoyang Agricultural Products Market (hereinafter referred to as “Chaoyang Market”) to seriously deal with these drivers and related businesses.After receiving the notice, Chaoyang Market to the drivers involved and the relevant merchants to “cancel the relevant merchant’s cargo vehicles into Wuxi declaration qualification;Cancel market positions and suspend business for rectification;The vehicle and its driver will be blacklisted from entering the market.”The punishment.It is reported that chaoyang Market, as the largest vegetable and fruit wholesale market in Wuxi, has more than 200 vehicles entering Wuxi throughout the day, so it is under great pressure and heavy responsibility to implement the “point-to-point” transfer control measures.According to the requirements of Wuxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Circular No. 100, vehicles and passengers entering Wuxi on the same day should be picked up “point-to-point” by local receiving enterprises or consignment enterprises at the inspection point after registration, and then unloaded (loaded) and returned, leaving Wuxi through the original crossing.(after)