Chen Meng accompanied her parents to take a family photo. Her hair changed greatly and made her eyes shine

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Chinese Table tennis Olympic champion Chen Meng posted a photo of himself to pay New Year’s greetings to fans on Feb 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year.Chen’s new hairstyle, which is a big change from her previous styles, has sparked heated discussion among fans, with some praising it as more beautiful, while others think it is a bit mature and not suitable for her.As the main force of the female table Tennis team, Chen Meng has been training and competing with the national team all the year round, so she can’t spend most holidays with her family.In the past six or seven years, Chen meng has returned to Qingdao only twice to celebrate Spring Festival with her relatives.At home during the Spring Festival, Chen Meng finally had time to accompany her parents.Before the festival, Chen Meng went out to dinner with his parents and was met by chance.Chen meng’s family was very friendly and agreed to the request for a photo.Chen Meng and Chen Meng photo of the little sister praised Chen Meng way: really too delicate, tall and thin, very affinity, a bit is not on TV to see that kind of domineering feeling, is gentle little sister right.On New Year’s Eve, Chen’s family prepared a sumptuous dinner for her, including clams and prawns, which are Chen’s favorite seafood.The family also took a New Year’s greetings family photo, Chen Meng also perm cut a new hairstyle, compared with the daily see Chen Meng, it is really a “bright”, we think Chen Meng’s new hairstyle?After Chen Meng basked in the New Year’s greetings, the first sister of the Korean women table tennis, the Chinese general Tian Zhixi sent a blessing: “Dream, happy New Year, the year of the tiger to complete the heart wish.”The highest dream of a table tennis player is to complete a Grand Slam, and Chen is just one world singles title away from a grand Slam.Under the background of the continuous improvement of Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha, it is more and more difficult for Chen Dream to realize his dream.After becoming the double champion in Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Meng failed to win a single title in the singles competition. She failed to reach the semi-finals in the National Games, World Championships, World Cups and Macau Championships, losing to Wang Manyu three times and Wang Yidi once.In the latest world rankings released by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Sun Yingsha has overtaken Chen Meng to rise to the top of the world.In the New Year, the competition between Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu will be more and more fierce. Which one do you prefer?