Come, culture travel dinner to accompany you to spend the New Year

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Qinghai News network · Great Beauty Qinghai client information light show, enjoy folk customs, ice and snow festival, watch performances, guess lantern riddles, taste food…To show xining winter charm, to better meet all kinds of citizen tourists travel demand, rich holiday travel products supply, accelerate the winter tourism market to heat up, the city depends on winter and unique humanistic folk, ice and snow experience, high-quality cultural tourism resources, such as gourmet snacks city’s integration and linkage to promote online fusion,Elaborately designed and launched a series of xining characteristic cultural travel activities full of “umami taste”, “New Year taste” and “rural taste”.Take turns to welcome the New Year. Where and how to play?Below this “program list” you must collect good, tide plays Xining hi turn over heaven.● Qinghai Province winter and spring cultural tourism benefit activity venue — “Warm Winter Day · Charming Children’s Dream” Cultural tourism performance carnival theme activity Venue: Xinhualian Children’s Dream Music Garden Content: Xinhualian Bonfire party, flower lantern viewing, shadow play, amusement park, happy parade and other performances.Venue: Hehuang District, Haihu New Area Content: Qinghai traditional Intangible cultural Heritage performance, ethnic clothing display, food tasting and other contents.Xining city Spring Festival, Lantern Festival lighting venue: each county district content: Xining county district will be elaborately made to welcome the Spring Festival lighting, to create a festive, happy festival atmosphere.Location: Shanshan Guild Hall Content: Activities such as sending Spring Festival couplets, guessing lantern riddles, paper cutting, etc.● “natural history, harmonious construction, good dreams are round” The Lantern Festival riddles with prizes to send activities.Location: City Museum Content: Set puzzles related to the history of Xining, inviting citizens to participate.● “He Huang Is of the same Origin · Danqing — Painting and Calligraphy Porcelain Exhibition of Lanzhou Xining Museum” “He Huang Imprinting · Xiping Anning — Plateau Ancient City Changes Exhibition” Location: Municipal Museum Content: More than 260 pieces of local cultural relics and old objects of Xining, 49 pieces of calligraphy and painting works of Lanzhou masters in the Qing Dynasty and 56 pieces of porcelain from the Five Dynasties, Song and Ming Dynasties.● “Hehuang Scroll” Spring Welcome Exhibition and the 35th Xining Academy Exhibition Venue: City Art Museum Content: The exhibition takes the form of Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking and so on, and exhibits more than 100 pieces of fine arts works with the characteristics of Hehuang cultural region.In addition, the public also need to pay attention to: the city library, art museum normal opening (closed on Monday);The museum will be closed from January 31 to February 3, 2022 and open on February 4.Content: Ice and snow tourism culture Festival, large night light show, winter ice waterfall ice hanging exhibition, THREE-DIMENSIONAL cultural experience hall, etc.● Datong County 2022 11th Ice and Snow Happy Season — “I welcome the Winter Olympics in Datong” winter tourism series activities Location: Kangle Ski Resort, Jindishun ski Resort, Foizigou Scenic spot Content: skiing competition, food activities, “I bring my parents to welcome the Olympics” parent-child activities, “Through the Forest” hiking activities, etc.Content: Intangible heritage cultural heritage lanterns, laser show, 3D projection lights, snowmobiles, snowfields around, nostalgic ice cars and other projects.Location: Baole Village, Shangwuzhuang Town, Huangzhong District Content: ice cave snow house viewing, snow circle, ice cart family entertainment, snowballing, etc.The first Pandao Flower Field Ice and snow Festival and food festival location: Huangzhong District Gonghe Town Onion Wan Village (Pandao Flower field scenic area) content: agricultural dishes, buy agricultural and sideline local products, skiing competition, etc.● “Opera into the countryside” grass-roots benefit of the people performance location: Datong County, Huangyuan County, Huangzhong District grass-roots villages and towns content: Qinqiang opera, local folk art, variety shows.In 2022, “Cultural Bullet Train — Silk Road Travel across The country” and “5+1 Alliance”, “Great Linkage” works of rural literature and art in the five provinces and regions of northwest China, online performance contents:On the public culture cloud platform of Xining city, the folk art programs arranged, directed and performed by the rural people of the five provinces in northwest China are broadcast online.● “Cultural Bullet Train — Silk Road · National Journey” Online exhibition content of excellent photography works of national Cultural Center Alliance units of some provinces and cities: Xining Public culture cloud platform will broadcast excellent photography works and excellent variety shows of participating regions online.● Online reading activity of “Undiminished Flavor of The New Year · Multiplying The Fragrance of Books”, online theme lecture of “One Belt and One Road Huanhehuang”, online Exhibition of Chinese traditional Culture and Folk customs, online answering activity of “Guessing Lantern Riddles · Celebrating the Spring Festival” : Online sharing of interesting news and discussions of the Spring Festival on the digital platform of municipal Library;Interpreting Spring Festival folk culture;Launch and disseminate mass cultural activities full of the spirit of The Times and cultural deposits;Guessing lantern riddles online.● Content of the 9th Children’s Spring Festival Gala of Xining: Dance, instrumental music, vocal music, language art and other performances will be broadcast on xining Radio and TELEVISION “Palm on Xining” client.● Contents of 2022 Xining Regional Online Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition: Invite provincial experts to explain hehuang culture in the column of “Great Intangible Cultural Heritage” of Xining Tourism radio.Content: The cloud platform of Xining Panda House live broadcast online: The keeper of Xining Panda House made a rich New Year dinner for four giant pandas, so that the innocent giant pandas and xining residents spend the New Year together.