New Year’s Eve dinner in time

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Chen Xueyang an old mountain village, laba, firecrackers from far and near, from sparse gradually sounded, will suddenly close.Fire, stove ash, scraping the bottom of the pot, washing plate, add oil and salt, New Year’s Eve, niang old will clean up the kitchen room.Breakfast is the New Year’s meal, hastily used, dad hung up the lantern, rushed to the production team to feed cattle shao, standard fish pond.Elder brother and I cut the word, paste door god, stick couplets, to the ground pull radish, spinach, pull onion garlic.At that time, the farmer’s life was hard, but the thrifty niang would be heroic and try to make the New Year’s Eve dinner rich and happy, better than every year.More than a month ago, parents on the idea of the menu, save money, repair kitchen repair pot, dig taro plate lotus root, enthusiastic preparations for the New Year’s eve dinner.To steam market, to grain market, to MAO City, parents meet market, repeatedly compare kelp, vermicellia, yellow flowers, longan……Not hesitate to spend, buy back color fresh quality goods.Expensive, from take to the streets to carry to the next street, east street to go to the west street, slowly look, slowly choose, bargaining, two people at the same time phase just bought.The furnace is red, the fireworks are smoky, the POTS and pans are ding Ding MAO MAO, blending with the aroma of the house.Dad set up the old iron roller and barbecued the remnants of the slaughtered pig.I’ll do it, clean the hair, pass the tongs to the basin.Burnt smell thick, I shrugged the bridge of the nose, parents seem to be unaware.When the corners and corners were brown and niang looked around and said “Ok”, dad put it in boiling water and scooped it up. Smiling, he sat on a stool and scraped the skin bit by bit, like polishing a work of art, until the deep concave was bright.Niang dexterous, kill chicken kill fish, stir eggs knead pills, as if no one was watching, several dishes array table, ready to wait for the pot.Grandma helped in the kitchen and worked harder, her old legs more nimble than usual.Bright cooking fire drunk dance graceful waist, fire tongue happily licking the bottom of the pot, niang’s face as red.Chai Ya with firecrackers outside the house as excited, can not restrain joy, from time to time hum, jump out of naughty Mars, like salivating.As the saucepan bubbled, I guarded the edge of the fire, pretending to warm myself.The meat is fragrant, hooked feet, small friends call me out to play, I didn’t say anything.Mother naturally see out, also don’t say, scoop a little, want me to taste salty.I swallow two into the belly, regardless of taste, not salty, not light, vague “hm” 1, is a response.Spring is full of life.Tan Xiaoping book and photo) two auspicious one to, father end three sacrifices, elder brother ti lantern, I take paper candles, to the ancestral hall door worship god, under the tree stone shed worship earth god, pray for good weather and good harvest in the coming year;To worship the ancestors in the ancestral hall, pray for house peace, family harmony;Go to the fence to worship the god of cattle pig god, after coming back for grinding god kitchen, looking forward to the prosperity of livestock, life zizhen.Me and my dad around like little tails, rain or shine.After a sacrificial circle, father feasts for his ancestors in the main room of his house.Dishes, bowls, bowls, rice, quite pay attention to, candle, burning paper, prayer, kowtow, as a convention.We stood solemnly apart from the table, so as not to disturb our meal.I was close to elder brother imitate father’s appearance, even knock three head.Dad lit a dish of long “big red” in the yard, a group of shocking “drill thunder”.The night sky stars flashing, village firecrackers echo, a few small urchins ran, stopped by, smiling to onlookers.Please leave the table, move the chairs and stools, dad quickly bolt the door, said “closed to make money”, the New Year’s eve dinner can not be opened again.Mother took away the cold meal and served it hot.Full of dishes have good intentions, homophonic auspicious, meaning happiness.A dish of pig’s head meat stewed thoroughly is niang’s specialty, known as “money head”;Jujube chicken noodle stew symbolizes “a good start”, meaning good luck, long life and wealth;Lotus root pig’s foot soup, lotus root meaning is smart and sweet, pig’s foot is “grasp money hand”, niang will give dad first clip a flap, I wish dad walking steady, four money;Taro circle homophonic “encounter circle”, pray for success.In grade three, niang made taro round, meat round, coir raincoat round three kinds of round, sticky soft, crisp, hope I and elder brother exam victory, “three yuan and”.We are confident, study hard, do not have negative expectations of mother.Carp after fried stew, warped tail ang head, coke in tender, fragrance straight into the lungs.Niang asked dad to turn over the back of the fish. “The carp will turn over and everything will be renewed!”Bamboo shoots rice cake can not be little, metaphor life is vigorous, rising successively.Green cabbage last, which means youth forever, clear!In the center of the table are three “dishes”, whole chicken, silver carp, square meat, niang has already confessed, can see not move, after the festival to eat, more than every year.Grandparents sit in the east corner of the table, pick up chopsticks, means the curtain of the New Year’s Eve dinner away.Elder brother changed the normal and I did not quarrel, buried in the folder, I am not willing to lag behind.My mother looked at me, then at my brother. “Slow down!Slow down!There’s more in the pot!”After a year of hard work, parents finally relaxed and toasted their grandparents and then respected each other.At this time, poor and cold, trouble and anxiety, are dispersed by a table of warm New Year’s Eve dinner, in the blessing sound full of love to eliminate, and bring great joy.That joy is the elder brother quietly stuffed my bowl of chicken, parents look at each other with a smile.Dad said, Eat slowly, chat slowly, the longer the better, next year life will be better and happier!I let my guard down and talked to my dad.Dad listened carefully, nodded or shook his head, smiled and answered.Dad is usually serious, but he looks like an old urchin at the New Year’s dinner. It is a happy thing to chat with him. He listens to my heart like a friend and gives advice like a teacher.The disagreements and misunderstandings between father and me were resolved at the New Year’s Dinner.I soon fell into a state of ecstasy.No matter how loud the radio turned up or the firecrackers went off, I could automatically filter and focus on the food and the chatter.Night, slowly drunk, by the smell of the village embrace into the arms.The lights were on in every house, and some men wandered around the village after dinner, chatting and playing cards.Watching the battle, the old men are concentrating, some hands into cotton sleeves, others into the baking basket skirts.Niang and aunts sister-in-law saved a good group of boxes, or dumplings, or ready to worship ancestors in the year of sacrifice.Children put on new clothes, pockets filled with candy and scattered firecrackers collected during the day, a group of east, a pile of west, carefully lit, the fuse “puffing” smoke, all the way “crackling”, from the south to the north of the courtyard.Three brother and I to work, the day gradually better, New Year’s Eve dinner dishes, more hard niang, niang two or three days ago will be busy.Niang white hair head, legs and feet not in the past agile, but do New Year’s Eve dinner drive is not reduced, still carefully cooked, improved year after year.After marrying a wife and having children, I accompany my parents to have dinner on New Year’s Eve, which is what my parents look forward to most.Mother calls early every year. “What are we going to eat for the New Year’s Eve dinner this year?”Teasing grandchildren in wechat video, “What do you want to eat?So Grandma can make it for you.”When I got home, my mother asked my father to look over the field.See the village has our figure, father like a child immediately ran back, shouted niang cooking.Niang cooking, while discussing some topics with his wife, the most is eating, niang worried that food is not our appetite.On the table, there are city dishes that my mother learned to cook, but I still miss the “old face” and the old taste of the New Year’s Eve dinner in my childhood.Niang cooking renovation, forced out, because the grandson does not like to eat old-fashioned food.My wife is too greasy and does not like big meat and fish. She always pretended to be sweet and delicious, but she could not hide it from my mother.There were cooking scenes on TV and mom was staring at them.Dad came back from the banquet, just opened the door, niang asked dishes, asked seasonings, asked dad very impatient.She often communicates with her neighbors about the New Year’s Eve dinner, tries new dishes at home, and asks her father to be the judge.See niang cut vegetables slow, his wife around blue cloth skirt, sleeves to help the kitchen, niang stopped.”You don’t come home so often. Take a rest. I must make a good meal!Now everything is all right and moving, and if you are not busy, come home and see us often, we shall be satisfied.”Days such as sesame flower is getting better and better, good to unbearable parents for a New Year’s eve dinner.In the Spring Festival of the first year that my parents went to live in the city, we went to a restaurant to order a New Year’s Eve dinner. My mother was finally free, but she was not happy when facing a more sumptuous banquet. She even frowned at the dishes left on the table.Dad said that it was not only because he was afraid of waste, but also because he did not eat at home. There was no sacrifice, firecracker and “watching vegetables”, which showed disrespect to his ancestors and reduced the atmosphere of youth.”Chinese New Year, have a Chinese New Year appearance!”Niang attaches great importance to the New Year’s Eve dinner, focusing on the “reunion”, the emphasis on the taste of the New Year, as for what to eat, but not so particular about.Brother and I made a mental note not to mention having dinner in a restaurant on New Year’s Eve.In recent years, firecrackers were banned in the city, and the New Year was quiet. Especially when the epidemic hit, there were fewer New Year’s visits. The children secretly played games in the bedroom and brushed the sound of shaking, and their parents were restless.After the new home, we went back to the countryside with our parents for the New Year.Niang over seventy years old, cooking began to wear reading glasses, forget this forget that, finally agreed to his wife cook.The wife does the New Year’s eve dinner, complies with niang’s advice, takes into account each taste, retains “money head” “see food”, improves the old dishes, absorbed foreign elements.Rice mixed with purple rice, red beans, braised rice colorful.”Three Yang Kaitai” “Five blessings”, is the main dish.His wife chopped garlic, mixed into egg juice, slow fire stall cake, white porcelain plate, yingying little green garlic decorated with yellow egg cake, spring is full, named “fine spring grass is also raw”.Cherry tomatoes and shredded green vegetables into “peach red willow green”, delicious and eye – pleasing.Spinach and pigeon wings made of “spring warm”, delicate and comfortable.Mixing flour, inlaid dates and sprinkled with sesame seeds, the steamed “Sesame flower cake” is vivid in shape and steaming, which means flourishing day by day, and sesame flowers are blooming successively…The last course of “happy tonight” is stir-fry tenderloin, egg, fungus, cucumber, winter bamboo shoots and other ingredients, with meat and vegetable reunion.Ten auspicious dishes, the combination of ancient and modern, lively, creative, more poetic, spring breath.Seeing this, the little nephew threw away the toy and ate it without sacrificing it.I impromptu “line” dish name, make a doggerel: “sesame flower cake meaning thick, pink and green he New Year milk.Spring river warm thousand sail race, happy tonight home with the country.”The family applauded.Children ran to the kitchen, around the table, competing to clap douyin, like a conference.His wife some small satisfied, will be filmed dishes into a video, forwarding friends and relatives.Dad happily took out the prepared New Year’s money, put it into the children’s pockets, blessing sound of laughter, overflow outside.”Ten, nine, eight…Three, two, one.”On TV, the New Year’s bell rang, firecrackers filled the night sky and the courtyard was boiling.”Come and see, it’s beautiful!”Through the window, parents laugh at the children playing downstairs.Fireworks burging off, instant bloom, gorgeous flowers in full bloom in the sky, but also in our hearts.[Editor: Yao Qiqiong][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]