Shenzhen urgent remind!

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At present, there is a high incidence of pneumonia in the world caused by the omicron Novel Coronavirus variant.In order to strengthen the prevention and control of inbound Express Mail epidemic and prevent novel Coronavirus transmission, Shenzhen Municipal Special Class for Prevention and Control of Inbound Express Mail Epidemic Has been set up, and the Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Inbound Express Mail Epidemic in Shenzhen (The First Edition) have been formulated (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines).In order to protect the life, health and safety of citizens, citizens and enterprises receiving inbound express mail are reminded as follows: 1. During the period of high incidence of global epidemic, it is not necessary to minimize the purchase of goods from overseas to avoid the entry of goods carrying viruses and causing transmission risks.2. Inbound express mail should be collected and opened at fixed outdoor locations as far as possible, and masks and disposable gloves should be properly worn to minimize direct contact with inbound express mail.3. After the entry mail is opened, please try not to take the package back to your home or workplace, and sort it according to the household garbage.75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine content 500mg/L) can be used to thoroughly disinfect the internal and external packages of inbound express mail items taken back to the home or workplace.After handling the package, take off your gloves, disinfect or wash your hands carefully, replace your mask, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.Iv. For enterprises that receive a large number of inbound express mails for a long time, special working mechanisms shall be established, and full-time personnel and special places shall be designated to handle inbound express mails.For full-time personnel, enterprises should strengthen epidemic prevention and control training, standardize operations, do a good job of personal protection, and register them.For special places, independent rooms/places with good ventilation should be selected, and disinfection should be carried out twice a day, and the frequency of disinfection can be increased according to the actual situation.5. The personnel receiving the entry express mail (including the above full-time personnel) shall complete nucleic acid test within two days after receiving the express mail and strengthen self-health monitoring.If you develop SYMPTOMS related to COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough or fatigue, seek medical advice immediately and inform your doctor of your epidemiological history.Shenzhen Entry Mail Express Epidemic Prevention and Control Special Class February 5, 2022!A shares to steady?National Development and Reform Commission: moderate advance, hurry to introduce!Early arrangement, early action, early effect!China’s first gold brush screen, Wang Meng commentary fire: my eyes are rulers do not need to see the replay!