A new asymptomatic infected person was reported in Putian

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Notification of HANjiang District COVID-19 Response Headquarters no. 12 (2022) From 0 to 24:00 on April 2, a total of 1 asymptomatic COVID-19 infected person was newly reported in Hanjiang District, Putian City. The details are as follows:The asymptomatic infected person now lives in Hendong Road, Hendong Street, Hanjiang District. He is a close contact of Chen, an asymptomatic imported COVID-19 infected person from other provinces and cities, who was notified by Xianyou County on March 29. He has been quarantined for medical observation since March 30 and tested positive for nucleic acid on April 2.From March 29 to March 30, the main activity track is as follows: 15:50-16:25 on March 29: From Putian Railway Station to carry Chen to the junction of Huating Town and Gaiwei Town.16:25-17:00: Return to Putian Railway Station from Huating Town.From 17:00 to 18:00: at the ev charging point near Putian Railway Station.18:06-18:36: Take passengers from Putian Railway Station to Baishan Village, Dongzhuang Town.18:36-19:00: Return to Putian Railway Station from Baishan Village, Dongzhuang Town.19:10-19:43: From Putian Railway Station to Fenglin Village, Wutang Town.19:43-20:20: Return to Putian Railway Station from Fenglin Village, Wutang Town.20:30-20:48: take passengers from Putian Railway Station to Huaju Hotel opposite Wanghai Hotel in Wushi Town.20:48-21:20: Drive back to Hanjiang from Putian Railway Station.21:30-21:35: Nucleic acid collection at “6+3” shopping plaza, West Liuyi Road, Hanjiang.21:35-21:40: Charge at the electric charging point at the gate of Puwei community, and then return to home at Handong Road, Handong Street.21:54-22:15: Take a motorcycle taxi to liuyi West Road, near the “6+3” shopping plaza, and meet a friend.22:15-22:45: walked to the City top pot shop on Industrial Road to buy midnight snack, packed and took home, did not go out again.Around 1:00-1:10, March 30: I went shopping in E-Tai Convenience Store (Puwei Store) for about 10 minutes, then RETURNED home and did not go out again.03:10: Transport to Hanjiang Health Station for centralized isolation.At present, the asymptomatic infected persons mentioned above have been transferred to designated hospitals for observation and treatment in a closed-loop manner. Close and sub-close contacts determined by flow monitoring have been tracked and controlled, and terminal disinfection has been carried out in all areas involved in their activity tracks.If there is any overlap between people and the above cases, please report to your community or work unit and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, medical observation or health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.The general public is reminded to take further personal protection, wear masks, wash hands, ventilate frequently, maintain social distancing, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in health management.Circular of COVID-19 Response Headquarters of Hanjiang District (2022) No.13 Based on the latest situation of the epidemic, in order to further prevent and control the epidemic, reduce the flow of people, block the transmission chain of the epidemic, and effectively protect the lives and health of the general public,In accordance with the requirements of scientific demarcation and precise control, the following areas will be demarcated as sealed control areas and controlled areas from April 3, 2022, and corresponding control measures will be implemented.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:No. 138 Hanhuadong Road, Hanjiang District, Putian City was designated as the lockdown control area, and the lockdown control measures of “regional closure, staying indoors, doorto door service” were implemented.Ii. Control area.Jianghan Huadong Road no. 122, 126, 130, 134, 142, 146, 148, 150;No. 2, Lane 112, Hanhuadong Road is designated as the control area. In principle, the control measures of “no people leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited” are implemented.3. All working groups of the District emergency Response Headquarters and Handong Street shall strictly implement relevant work in accordance with their duties, ensure the life guarantee, emotional comfort and psychological counseling of the local people, and pay attention to solving the special needs of people with disabilities, elderly people living alone, and people going out for medical treatment.Residents in the containment and control areas can call Mr. Wu 13509359827 (Handong Street) if they encounter difficulties in living and medical treatment.Ms. Qiu 13860968980 (Puwei Community).Iv. The general public should consciously implement the above classified management measures, actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and health monitoring, and not go out without authorization to avoid the risk of spreading the epidemic.Those who violate the provisions of this circular will be held responsible according to law.This circular shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.The categories, scope and management time of prevention and control areas will be dynamically adjusted according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.During the epidemic, the general public should earnestly fulfill their personal responsibility for epidemic prevention, pay close attention to the authoritative information released by the authorities, and refrain from panic, believing or spreading rumors.Hanjiang District COVID-19 Response Headquarters April 3, 2022 source: Putian News Editor: White White Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn