As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, please hold on to this safe return tips!

2022-06-05 0 By

Today is the annual fifth unknowingly end, right now that is the Spring Festival holiday Distance to work 1 day left many friend has packed the trunk with full of “love” to find my way back home feel sleepy while driving is the most easy to ignore the road death you never know what will happen when you close your eyes fatigue damage “fatigue sleepy nap,Watch out for rolling cars.”Fatigue driving conditions, driving people perception of environment, roads, slow changes in slow motion, unable to real-time change of traffic to make timely and correct response, if not timely intervention, even driving people began to doze off, the motor vehicle at this time as a fast-moving bomb, which cause serious damage to the no specific people’s life.In order to prevent the occurrence of fatigue driving accidents, attention must be paid to ensuring rest, adjusting the state in time, and preparing anti-fatigue items.Traffic safety tips must be read before you go!Xinyang public security reminds visiting relatives and friends of the party, drunk driving should not be long distance driving easy fatigue, if you want to rest safely overcrowding is dangerous, control the speed of the car before the inspection of no size, zebra crossing before the leeway tiger Spring Festival safe and smooth, Xinyang public security guard you