Fear after “case exposure”!Such a car, one person really dare to drive, a group of people really dare to sit!

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In recent years, three-wheeled motorcycle because of its driving convenient, practical wait for a characteristic, get the favour of many people, but because of the vast majority of three-wheeled motorcycle safety technical problems on the design, combined with the driving personnel legal consciousness and the traffic safety consciousness, lead to this kind of vehicle traffic accidents occurred frequently, has brought the safe hidden trouble that can not be ignored.At 17:55 on March 22, chaling County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police in G322 Yaolu town Majjiazhuang village road section seized a serious overload of three-wheeled motorcycle, a total of 15 people (including the driver).After investigation, the driver is xiao, a three-wheel motorcycle license plate for Xiang BQT***, driving a three-wheel motorcycle from Waist lu town Longpi village to load 14 tobacco farmers to Waist lu town Dongshan village, police detained the three-wheel motorcycle according to law, tobacco farmers on the spot for criticism and education, the current case is being further handled.”Three wheel motorcycle” vehicle itself harm big!The safety technology standard of this kind of car is low, the safety performance of the safety parts such as vehicle steering and braking is generally poor, and the speed is fast. In the case of illegal loading of goods, due to the weight increase, the center of gravity increase and other reasons, once an emergency situation, the vehicle is difficult to control.2 illegal driving manned more dangerous three-wheeled motorcycle if used to carry people, when the speed is too fast, in an emergency situation, if the operation is improper, it is likely to occur group death group injury accident.Three-wheeled motorcycles are large in size, and often gather in schools, hospitals, stations, farmers’ markets, vegetable markets and other places where people are more concentrated, which is easy to cause traffic congestion, seriously interfere with the normal road traffic order, and greatly reduce the capacity of the road.4 “Three-wheeled motorcycle” drivers with weak safety awareness Most of these drivers have not received formal training in driving skills and traffic safety knowledge, so their awareness of traffic safety is relatively weak. Especially when driving on the road, they have unclear judgment of possible dangers on the road, and non-standard measures are taken, which may lead to traffic accidents.Second, in order to catch up, three-wheeled motorcycle drivers often do not abide by road safety laws and regulations, turning around at will, driving in the fast lane, driving in the wrong direction, running red lights and other traffic violations are also common.Tea ling traffic police warm reminder: three-wheeled motorcycle safety coefficient is low, once an accident, after compensation and the safety of the passengers are not guaranteed.Please tell your parents and the elderly that you only have one life. Please choose safe and appropriate means of transportation.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com