Have your Hitachi central air conditioner ready for early spring flu season

2022-06-05 0 By

Each year when the turn of the winter and spring, the temperature change is bigger, bacteria and viruses multiply, it is easy to catch a cold season, and people at random to take off the clothes, but also give the flu is wanton abuse, wave after wave to oath will catch to everyone, in its violent “offensive”, men, women and children were not fever runny nose, cough is sneezing, listless everyday.It is unbearable the torture of the flu, a wish to restore the past as soon as possible, a lot of people began to pay attention to diet, strengthen exercise, go to bed early and get up early, to enhance their own immunity, and even the details of life are very attention: wash your hands frequently, go out wearing masks, avoid going to crowded places……But is so carefully under the care of the cold does not seem to buy it, a week passed feeling the body is not much better.In fact, the occurrence of influenza is related to weather factors, indoor air pollution is one of the main inducements.Think of yourself so many days in order to avoid cold wind attack aggravating cold, indoor doors and Windows have always been closed, and is this slowly dirty air instead became a hotbed of influenza reproduction and transmission, to the air as a medium of bacteria, viruses will only be more rampant.Therefore, early spring flu prevention should prevent the most “bacteria” from the mouth into the house should always pay attention to open the window ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh.But the words come back, the weather outdoors still have hot yao a drop cold, really have no courage to open a window……Maybe you can try Hitachi Fresh air ventilator.Built-in PM2.5 filter screen, can filter out outdoor air haze, pollen, some bacteria and viruses and other fine particles with a diameter of more than 2.5μm, to ensure the introduction of air quality;Then with static pressure regulation, ensure that the intake volume is greater than the exhaust volume, create a “micro positive pressure” state in the room, accelerate the discharge of indoor dirty air at the same time, but also effectively prevent external pollution into the exchange of high oxygen content of new air, greatly supplement the indoor oxygen content.Moreover, the problem of indoor temperature reduction caused by ventilation that you worry about will not occur. Whether it is air conditioning refrigeration season or air conditioning heating season, the fresh air introduced by Hitachi fresh air exchanger can realize cold heat exchange, reduce heat loss, and make the air introduced more warm and more comfortable.Don’t relax your guard too early. Although the ventilation problem is solved, if you want to stay away from the “persecution” of influenza virus in early spring, you still have to find ways to cut off its transmission chain. Of course, Hitachi home purification central air conditioning is willing to serve you.The PE purification ecological module added to the air outlet of indoor unit can produce anions that can destroy the structure of indoor influenza virus, kill bacteria and viruses without harmful residues, effectively inhibit the reproduction of influenza virus and protect family members from the threat of influenza.Data from guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center showed that the removal rate of H3N2 virus by Hitachi household central air conditioner reached 96.85%.Not only that, PE pure ecological module of escherichia coli removal rate and Staphylococcus aureus removal rate is as high as 96.64%, 93.88%, but also can effectively decompose formaldehyde, remove mold in the air, PM2.5, odor, etc., one by one to break indoor air pollution, create a clean breathing environment, bring “full health” guardian.During the flu season, breathing safety should not be overlooked. Innovative black technology creates a fresh and comfortable home air environment for you. Remember to turn on Hitachi central air conditioning at home with one click.