Is deyun girl guilty of listening to “three vulgar” crosstalk?

2022-06-05 0 By

There is a Beijing man’s opinion on deyunshe crosstalk on the Internet which is very interesting, but it represents part of the general cognition of the elderly. I think it is necessary to discuss it:Deyun community has been to the scene know that there are many girls, most of them are to chase after their favorite “Angle”, there are like braided Zhang Yunlei singing and opera, there are also like digging work flirting with Meng Hetang, Qin Xiaoxian and Zhang Jiunan……Guo Degang and Yu Qian are not too many!So to say that girls like to listen to dirty jokes is not true, does not rise to the moral level, let alone prevent them from becoming the pillars of society!Old people generally do not like Guo Degang crosstalk reason is very realistic and very helpless!First, people in the old society hated traditional cross talk. After the founding of new China, it became elegant. Now it is subjectively unacceptable to listen to the old cross talk!Second, because the ticket price is too expensive, can not go to the scene to watch, so there will be no identification from the senses!Although the mainstream cross talk has declined, they still like the cross talk that is active in the evening party!