The festival garden together, tianshui this Lantern Festival very warm heart

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“Refuse to accept bribes hit a Chinese medicine term, what is this exactly?””I know, I know, the one we always go to, the massage!””This tangyuan tastes really good and feels warm when eating it.” You can feel the strong festival atmosphere and the lively scene from a distance.This is hangzhou Gongshu District Tianshui street held “beautiful scenery to enjoy the festival garden together” to celebrate the Lantern Festival activities.Tianshui joint jurisdiction street party allied units in zhejiang province business hall, nanjing bank, bank of ningbo, tyrone Banks, with outdoor “guess riddles, tasted yuanxiao, lanterns, cast throw garbage sorting” and other interesting garden and indoor “share dumpling feast” activities of combining form, make broad masses residents spent a happy and civilized, harmonious, festive Lantern Festival.In the huangqinyuan community fitness square, answer lantern riddles, garbage classification throwing correct can get a beautiful gift, the activity attracted more than 100 people to participate in the area alliance party members, youth league members, new villagers, volunteers, residents and other people.Lantern riddles are a traditional part of the Lantern Festival and are very popular among residents.This lantern riddle in addition to the previous daily guessing words, but also into the incorruptable knowledge, edutainment.Many residents are right to guess riddles, received exquisite small gifts.The most popular among the children when the number of DIY lanterns, the children listen to the teacher carefully, in a short time, a beautiful and lovely full of childlike lanterns will be presented in front of everyone, looking at their own hand-made lanterns, the children are happy to cheer.Finish the lantern and then taste a delicious dumplings, this is really a happy and sweet thing.”Sell dumplings sell dumplings, daughter’s dumplings are round and round, a bowl of soup is complete and full, don’t charge you can come to a bowl of soup” street “daughter’s” elderly canteen cooked dumplings are very popular, a bowl of hot dumplings eat in the mouth warm in the heart.The scene also has garbage classification to cast music, anti-fraud knowledge contest, through the form of the game so that garbage classification and anti-fraud propaganda deep in the hearts of the people, encourage everyone to actively participate in the action to further deepen the residents’ understanding of garbage classification, effectively improve anti-fraud awareness.”It’s so nice to get everyone together.It’s a great event, it’s a great atmosphere.”Aunt Pan, who lives in the imperial court, praised her thumb.Gongshu district of hangzhou tianshui streets royal garden of the community public service station on the second floor conference room there was laughter, see a coalition party construction units in zhejiang province business hall invitation catering association national masters are in a group, including Chinese style pastry national champion of the game, we talk about how to package the more delicious dumplings, did not stop.Roll dough, mix stuffing, white and green dough through the “real kung fu”, people drool.Shepherd’s purse stuffing, pork stuffing, mushroom cabbage stuffing……A variety of chubby dumplings waiting for a gluttonous feast.Accompanied by a burst of heat, dumplings out of the pot, boiled chicken, duck sauce, fried shrimp and other 8 special dishes on the table, Tianshui streets for the district centenarians, widows and widow-lost elderly, model workers, cleaning, security guards, residents volunteer representatives carefully prepared “Lantern Festival reunion dinner” began.Under the leadership of Zhang Qianjiang, deputy director and party member of zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, the community staff and volunteers of the department of commerce will send dumplings and consolation goods to everyone, and send blessings and care to everyone’s heart, and enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery together.Huangqinyuan community staff will be 100 years old Wang Yazhen from home to receive the scene, with everyone to share this unique warm Lantern Festival.Wang Yazhen said, “I’m grateful to the community for remembering me and visiting me at home during festivals. I’m really touched that they picked me up today.I am very happy to be able to celebrate this special Festival with all of you at the age of 100.”