Xiangtan city established the province’s first municipal cancer prevention and treatment center

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Xiangtan city set up the first municipal cancer prevention and treatment center in the province, which is connected to the downtown hospital xiangtan Online February 12 – (Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Yin Yilong) On February 11, Xiangtan city set up the first municipal cancer prevention and treatment center, which is connected to the xiangtan downtown hospital.In recent years, under the leadership of the Municipal Health Commission, the cancer prevention and control work of Xiangtan city has been vigorously promoting the “Healthy Hunan action – special action of cancer prevention and control”, actively exploring new modes and methods of cancer prevention and treatment, and has made remarkable achievements in tumor registration, early diagnosis and treatment, health education and other aspects, setting a model for the province.Cancer lies in early screening and early diagnosis. In recent years, Xiangtan Central Hospital has undertaken the screening task of “clinical trial of low-dose spiral CT lung cancer screening Technology program in Chinese population and optimization of CAD software for lung cancer screening” by National Cancer Center.Many hospitals in Xiangtan city actively carry out “screening of women’s two cancers (cervical cancer and breast cancer)” “screening of city five cancers (lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, upper gastrointestinal cancer and liver cancer)” and other projects, which not only prevent cancer deterioration but also improve the awareness of cancer prevention and treatment of the masses.In the treatment of cancer, Xiangtan city actively acquire advanced treatment equipment, combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment, in prolonging the survival of cancer patients at the same time, and constantly improve their quality of life.City health commission related person in charge, the establishment of the city cancer prevention and control center, marking the xiangtan city cancer prevention and control work into a new period of development.Center will further strengthen the cancer prevention ability, comprehensively enhance the level of cancer prevention and control and promote the city’s various medical institutions at all levels to actively participate in cancer prevention, screening, treatment, pipe network construction, as a whole health education, screening, early detection of cancer treated early, rehabilitation and other related work, build the whole life cycle of cancer patients, the medical service system,Let the cancer patients group toward the goal of life and health.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page