4 goals in 3 games!Coutinho left the bench and recovered his shooting boot

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Library mourinho since joining Liverpool to Barcelona, has been the lack of bright eye, this season after two coach Ronald koeman and Harvey, the Brazil international failed to find in the feeling of the red army period, so Barcelona player in cleaning up, from the south of England, and Glasgow at villa the reds legend offer an olive branch to the former team-mate gerrard, library birds choose to return,Gave up the big money and left the bench.Winter window to aston villa’s cooper does not seem to need a run-in period.Substitute just back in game 1, he face Manchester united team-mate Ramsey confidence after into a ball, in the 82th minute when he was in the rib cross, he failed to intercept success, within the library conveniently rob some bird scored the equaliser, aston villa and curtains on dozen birds make library familiar and miss, then fight for his first start at goodison park, library birds failed to score.But it was cubird who put on a one-man show at Villa Park against Leeds united in the premiership.30 minutes in the first half, it is the money from his team-mates elder brother of cross, library bird help vera tied the score, in the second half and with straight down two silky smooth balls assists Ramsey, although Leeds united and aston villa last at 3-3 ping, but gerrard over the last three league games, found something more precious – recovered the shooting boots library mourinho.The Brazilian striker has been praised by many in the media:3 war made 4 ball, in his time at Liverpool striker he had ever been squandered opportunities, particularly in Barcelona master standing front scramble to all, four seasons without a 10 goals a season, return to premier league in the 30 s, rediscovered the shooting boots also found for him to fly villa park, also found trust he’s Steven gerrard.