Mid-Autumn Festival as the theme of poetry

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The Mid-Autumn Festival as the theme of poetry are: “too often cited”, “15 night full moon”, “moonlight night homesick”, “Autumn moon”, “water tune head” and so on.Poetry is a literary genre of lyric expression.It is a literary genre that uses highly condensed language to vividly express the author’s rich emotions and reflect social life with a certain rhythm and rhythm.”Preface to MAO’s Poems” records that “poetry is also where ambition is.In mind for ambition, speech for poetry “.Southern Song Dynasty Yan Yu “Canglang Poetry” cloud: “poetry, chant temperament”.There is only one art that can be expressed in words, and that is poetry.I wish people for a long time, a long distance to share the beauty of moonlight.– Su Shi “Water Tune Song Head · C Chen Mid-Autumn Festival”;Mid-Autumn Festival who with the solitary light.He looked sadly to the north.– Su Shi “Xijiang Moon · World affairs a big dream”;Chang e should regret stealing elixir, blue sea qingtian heart every night.– Chang ‘e by Li Shangyin;This night is not long, the moon next year where to see.– Su Shi, “Yangguan Song/The Autumn Moon”;Northwest wang xiang where is, southeast see a few back to the circle.– Bai Juyi (Yue Yue On the Night of August 15)Homesickness on a Moonlit Night is a folk song written by Du Fu.To commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival.The stars are thin and the moon is cold and the Milky Way is quiet and loud.Where guanshanjia Wanli, night bin touch guest sorrow.