On Monday, February 14, vehicles were banned in the yangling demonstration zone

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According to the notice of the emergency headquarters office of the heavy pollution weather in the demonstration area, an orange alert was issued on February 11 for heavy pollution weather in yangling demonstration area, and vehicles were banned from driving on Monday, February 14.The end number of the motor vehicle restriction is 1 and 6 on February 14 (Monday). The period of the restriction is from 7:00 to 20:00 on February 14, 2022. The restriction area is in the ring area formed by Mengyang Road, East Huanbei Road, East Huannan Road, Free trade Street and Yangling Avenue (excluding the above roads).Tip: due to the construction of donghuan North Road, the east bypass section is temporarily adjusted to create new Road.The specific restrictions of the contract (a) the restrictions specific provision: the daily limit of two plates (including temporary) and private (if the tail number of English letters, will be subject to license plate last digit) of motor vehicles, 1 and 6 on Monday, Tuesday, 2 and 7, 3 and 8 on Wednesday, Thursday, limit line 4 and 9, 5 and 0 on Friday, any statutory holidays and public holidays.(2) Low-speed vehicles, concrete tank trucks, high-emission vehicles such as construction waste, muck, sand and stone transport are prohibited from passing;Heavy trucks whose fuel type is diesel are prohibited from driving on roads (except special vehicles, dangerous chemical vehicles, vehicles for emergency repair and major livelihood projects).(3) No restrictions on statutory holidays and public holidays.(1) New energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including extended range) hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and methanol vehicles;(2) School buses, buses, taxis (including online taxis) and express freight taxis, large and medium-sized buses with more than 9 seats (excluding 9 seats);(3) funeral vehicles of funeral parlors;(4) special vehicles for disabled persons driven by physically disabled persons;(5) perform the task of fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles, police vehicles, spraying a unified identity and mission of administrative law enforcement vehicles and vehicles, special purpose vehicles, rescue vehicles flood control, sanitation, road maintenance and special operation vehicles, vans, medical waste transport vehicles, traffic accident insurance exploration vehicle;(6) “Green Channel” vehicles with “Green Vehicle Permit” issued by the ecological environment department of the demonstration area (i.e. vehicles carrying fresh agricultural products, including fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh aquatic products, live livestock and poultry, fresh meat, eggs, milk, etc.)A grain, oil and food distribution vehicle with a unified logo approved by the Yangling District grain and oil administrative department;(7) Other vehicles prescribed by laws and regulations.Source: Yangling traffic police editor: Zhao Peach