The classic 9 ask that porch designs, let your home have a beautiful scenery

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Porch ark, receive ark since, also be the first scenery that opens the door, bring more convenience and comfortable to the home, look today, how should the porch ark in the home do just pair, cannot blind also cannot what also do not understand.Xiaobian will give you a collection today, do porch cabinet may encounter 9 problems, since there are problems, of course, there are solutions!Q: If you want to change a new shoe cabinet at home, how deep should you do it?What size is it?Answer: height of dimensions of general shoe ark does not exceed 800mm, depth is the length of the shoe with the biggest code in the home, normally dimension is between 300~400mm.Q: If you want to put the dressing mirror in the hallway cabinet, where should you put it?Answer: should be the size according to porch will customize, pass the combination of cabinet body, tie-in rises comfortable, happy good.This design is placed in the shoe changing area, after changing shoes, you can clean up your makeup.Q: It’s not good to see the living room as soon as you walk in. How do you do it?Answer: ark of corner porch receives greatly combine screen at the same time, break up the sitting room and hallway, look practical and have distinguishing feature.Q: The home space is not enough, how to design the shoe cabinet with large storage function?Answer: of course ok, small make up know what you say is more than receive shoe, is such porch ark functional partition clear at a glance?The length and width of the shoe layer area are suitable, and the storage is deep.Q: There is a concave in the entrance. Do not know how to design it?Answer: actually, shoe ark is done in concave the most convenient nevertheless.The design of upper and lower levels still can receive shoe by season, design whole is downy, simple but elegant, kind.Fluctuation partition design lets ark of whole porch more show neat anacreontic, function of half open mode ark body is diversiform.Q: How do you design shoes that are inconvenient for old people in your home?Answer: afraid to change shoes inconvenient, might as well set up a shoe changing area, to solve the problem of old people wearing shoes difficult, can not find a place to sit.Display and storage are not wrong.Irregular ladder combination design, a stronger sense of spatial layering, display, storage is not wrong, this way is convenient to change shoes is also convenient to clean.Q: There are so many shoes for girls. How can they be arranged better?Can boot kind also put in shoe cabinet?Duang ~ duang~ duang~ see?Layer board division, to achieve better classification, boots can be put, do not “wronged” the shoes.The left side has pulled the door to form close ark to be able to become chest, right open area can hang put bag, hat, bottom is the shelter of shoe, function is all ready.Q: If you want a place for wine at home, how can you do it with the shoe cabinet?Answer: the words of the same color will appear drab, with light green bump color once, who dare to say this is a place to put shoes?This combination cabinet body can receive boots, shoes and so on, but also played a very good partition effect, but also to meet your demand for wine cabinet.Q: What’s the best way to create a minimalist design without ruining the rest of the atmosphere in your home?A: Minimalist style, use the simplest cuboid combination, refuse tedious decoration and exaggerated modeling, you put a little decoration on the line, it is also easy.Multi-function combination porch ark is set according to the wall, very practical, ground ark, wall ark, open ark store content……There is also a central shoe changing stool changing area to dress up.