What does the world think of inviting Japan and South Korea to the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting for the first time?

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On April 6-7, local time, the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium.NATO foreign ministers are meeting to discuss the alliance’s new strategic vision, which for the first time will take into account challenges from China.Japan and South Korea are invited to join NATO for the first time to use the Ukraine crisis to reach out to the Asia-Pacific region?The NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting invited foreign ministers from non-NATO countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to attend the meeting.NATO says it needs to strengthen ties with partners in the Asia-Pacific region to deal with what it calls global threats.Kyunghyang News of South Korea reported on The 5th that this is the first time that THE NATO foreign Ministers’ meeting invited asia-pacific countries to participate, which shows on the one hand, the Ukraine situation is not between Russia and NATO, but a global security issue, on the other hand, also shows that NATO is trying to expand its external scope.Some analysts say that the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting will serve as an opportunity for NATO to participate in the INDO-Pacific strategy led by the U.S.South Korea’s YTN television said NATO is inviting asia-pacific countries to join the “circle” in order to form an international anti-Russia coalition.It is analyzed that NATO, which claims to be a defensive organization, has shed its disguise and is extending its tentacleto the Asia-Pacific region through the Ukraine crisis, which deserves our attention and vigilance.6, Brussels, Belgium, NATO foreign ministers will discuss some officials had a group photo taken to the Ukraine to provide military support NATO continues to irritation between Russia and Ukraine against NATO secretary-general, said stoltenberg 6 provide considerable to Ukraine NATO countries are “more advanced” heavy weapons and equipment, the parties make more promises in the meeting,Further increase military support for Ukraine.NATO’s frantic eastward expansion is seen as the “bane” of the Ukraine crisis.In the early 1990s James Baker, then America’s secretary of state, promised Mikhail Gorbachev, then President of the Soviet Union, that “NATO will not expand even an inch eastward”.However, in the two decades since 1999, THE United States has led NATO to five rounds of eastward expansion.NATO increased its membership from 16 to 30 and pushed more than 1,000 kilometers eastward, right up to Russia’s borders, gradually pushing Russia into a corner.The NATO foreign ministers’ meeting again called on Russia and Ukraine to stop fighting immediately and return to negotiations, but instead it continued to provoke confrontation.NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, March 31, 2019.In addition to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, another priority of the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting is to discuss the development of a new strategic concept for THE alliance to be announced at the Madrid summit in June.”It will also take into account for the first time China’s growing influence and coercive policies on the global stage,” Stoltenberg said on Friday.This poses a systemic challenge to our security and our democracy.”NATO is a geopolitical weapon and tool of the US, and its development goal is clear: to build a global security system based on US western interests and values, Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, said on Thursday.As a product of the Cold War and the world’s largest military alliance, NATO adheres to the old concept of security, continues to expand its regions and areas, and adopts the tactics of the “old Cold War” to engage in alignment confrontation, the spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU said on March 24.We must be highly vigilant against and firmly oppose a “new cold war”, which runs counter to the trend of historical development and runs counter to the wishes of people around the world.(According to HUANG Youxin, chief editor of CCTV News, Huanqiu.com and Xinhua News Agency)