Why is choice greater than effort?Choose the right industry to make your life a success?It took me years to figure that out

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Some people are doomed to fail from the start, not because they don’t have enough skills or opportunities, but because they choose the wrong industry and go into the wrong business, doing a job they’re not good at.Three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the champion.It is because they choose the right industry that they can flourish.Is himself a living example of doing housekeeping, before I open a restaurant, photographer, but as a rural children, in big cities struggle with a junior middle school culture want a piece of heaven and earth really difficult, when the photographer that wait only a few thousand dollars of wages, after having kids never enough, undertaking and because they do not know the business, open a restaurantHe lost what was left of his fortune.I began to think whether I, a child from the countryside, was really suitable for this city, because I had no skills and could only do dirty and tiring work if I wanted to make money. It was at that time that I first came into contact with the homemaking industry.Start to do the most domestic just think of the work to earn the most steadfast, every penny is the sweat of relying on their own, but the original will only do simple cleaning, hundred yuan a day, but through hard work and serious or accumulated a lot of repeat customers, a pure chance appliances cleaning the industry attracted my attention, I felt at that time, belong to my chance.Opportunities are always left to prepared people if not prepared will be like me, spend one hundred thousand to join the learning of home appliance cleaning technology, returned home only to find that only learned fur, because do not know how to expand the market so can receive a small amount, and because of learning is free disassembly technology can not reach customer satisfaction,Even before doing cleaning accumulated customer resources also lost many, at that time I do the cleaning has been done for two years, deeply understand housekeeping is a service industry, the core competitiveness and service, want to do is to make the customer satisfied service, always considers for the customer of the domestic talent to win for a long time.And do household appliances cleaning to make customers satisfied must let customers see the effect, it must do all demolition and cleaning.This time in order to study complete cleaning technology I ran more than 20 cities in China, in the process of doing this is not too mature and exposed to the development of soft outfit cleaning, when I finish learning once again return to shijiazhuang in Qingdao, the first thing to do is put into 2 w bought the most advanced soft outfit cleaning machine, this time I am ready.To enter the high-end market, I gave up the low-end market, would rather earn all the money invested in a variety of dinner also want to open the high-end market completely.Facts prove that my choice is correct. Eleven years as a domestic worker, FROM a rural guy who had nothing at the beginning, to a small boss with a car, a house and three companies now, along the way, I understand that success is success, is to find their own position, choose the right industry for their own.Not afraid of others look down on you, afraid you look down on yourself.Who says you’re worthless?No one can define your life unless you put yourself in the mud like a broken stone.The path you choose determines the kind of life you will lead.Choose the industry to achieve life, success will be more efforts, look for the target don’t hesitate;Everything should be done carefully, only in this way can we become stronger.With goals, we know where to go and what to pursue.Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. I’m Master Zhao, who has been homemaking for 11 years. Welcome friends in homemaking industry to exchange and discuss in the comments section.