Gluttonous fake polite?Chen Shizhong wanted to choose Taipei city attitude but coy, criticized hypocrisy

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Chen Shi-chung, head of the health department of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), has been back and forth on whether to run for mayor of North China.Yesterday, I was asked by the media whether the election will be held after the epidemic slows down and the public is reassured.Chen shizhong nodded his head and said, “No, I can’t say that. The trap is too heavy and there are so many social talents that I don’t have to choose.”Kuomintang (KMT) legislator Lai Shi-bao said Chen was “a ghost pretending to be polite” (minnan slang meaning “greedy but pretending to be polite”). He pretended to be coy when he wanted to be elected, and called it a “cover story” to run if the epidemic was safe.DPP Taipei city councilman Wang Shi-jian said that the epidemic prevention campaign is more important than the mayoral election in Taipei. He hoped Chen shi-chung would not be elected, but would continue to serve as the “commander in chief” and find another candidate for Taipei mayor.In a radio interview earlier this month, Chen shi-chung said for the first time that he would not exclude the election of Taipei mayor.Later, When asked about running for office at a press conference of the executive Branch, Chen shi-chung changed his words and said, “It is not so much an election as a non-election.”In the face of Chen’s ambiguous attitude, Lu Xiulian, former deputy leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), recently called for an election, but it is ok to hand over the control of epidemic prevention as soon as possible, instead of holding the health and life rights of all Taiwanese and using media exposure to hold an election.And questioned that Chen shizhong had no experience in local government to run.When asked if he would run for president, Jin changed his mind again, saying, I will take the train after I finish my work. If I have a choice, I will resign.Chen Shi-chung attended the first press conference of the Taiwan Public Health Association yesterday. After the press conference, the media asked whether they were waiting for Tsai Ing-wen’s nod.In response, He said that he had said that the current task is basically epidemic prevention and health administration, and that only those who are qualified to run for the election can be properly handled, and those who are not can’t run for the election.He is not waiting for someone to tell him whether he can choose, but for the epidemic to “see the light.”When will the epidemic see its bright light?Chen Shi Zhong refers to the time when everyone is at ease and safe.As for zhao Shao-kang, a media journalist, who wants to be elected mayor of Taipei, Chen Shi-chung should resign as soon as possible. He should not use words to “pull the grass out of the grass and measure the direction of the storm”. He is responsible for epidemic prevention and has a vital impact on people’s livelihood, economy and health.”I said long ago that I would not do this, but many people helped me see it this way!” Chen said.When asked yesterday, Su Tseng-chang, head of the administration of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said, “Stability of the epidemic is the minimum condition.”DPP Taipei city councilman Wang Shi-jian said in an interview with Taiwan TV that Chen shi-chung’s overall performance in epidemic prevention is good, so he hopes Chen shi-chung will not run for office, because epidemic prevention is far more important than the Taipei mayoral election.Wang shijian pointed out that Taipei mayor qualified candidates for the DPP, many with the same qualifications as him, or even better than him.But the best candidate is Chen Shizhong. Since he has done so well, he should stay.Mr Wang called for Mr Chen to remain in his post as head of the health authorities and continue as “commander-in-chief”.However, Lai Shi-bao, a KUOMINTANG legislator, criticized Chen for being a “man” and “courageous man”. Chen admitted that he wanted to run for the election and immediately resigned as the “commander” of the epidemic.Otherwise, Chen shizhong is mentally planning the election, and occupies the “command center” position, holding press conferences every day, and controlling a large amount of exposure and discourse power, which is quite unfair to the DPP and other political parties’ candidates.Lai Shibao said that Chen shizhong clearly wants to run for office, but his words are flickering and evasive, and he pretends that he will wait until “the dawn of the tunnel” and “everyone feels secure and safe”, but “this time” is his subjective identification and interpretation, so this statement is ridiculous.KMT legislator Tseng Ming-chung said that as far as he knew, Chen shi-chung had been preparing for the mayoral elections in Taipei, New Taipei and Taoyuan, but Chen shi-chung said that the epidemic was the right way to qualify for the election. This was just Chen shi-chung’s excuse that he did not want to step down for the time being, so that he could continue to use public resources to gain publicity.However, it is worrisome that the president will use his power to promote the presidential election, boycott subsidies for certain county mayors, and quarantine.He called on Chen shizhong to resign as soon as possible, otherwise “somehow play drag shed”, but more and more poor support.Mr Lai expects the DPP to complete its nomination for Taipei mayor by May at the latest. Now Mr Chen is in an awkward position, with little time left and no confidence that Ms Tsai will nominate him, as she may switch her mind and send in Lin Chia-long, a former transport chief.Lai shibao also criticized Chen for making many serious mistakes in the epidemic prevention process, and his appointment as the head of the health department and “epidemic prevention commander” was not because of his professional success, but because of his ideological fit with the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party. Chen is welcome to run for office and humblingly face the test of public opinion.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan #