Russia pulled out of India’s new submarine bid for technical reasons

2022-06-07 0 By

Russia has said it will not participate in the Indian Navy’s ongoing procurement programme for new submarines and has officially informed the Indian government of its decision, The Times of India reported Thursday.Russia had recommended that India buy upgraded Kilo-class submarines, which make up the bulk of India’s current conventional submarine fleet, but withdrew its bid, citing technical reasons.A spokesman for Rosoboronexport, the Russian defence company, said: “The Russian side has previously confirmed its interest in participating in the project and suggested a platform based on the 677E submarine project design.However, after receiving and studying the finalised terms and conditions of the RFP, the Russian side decided not to participate for technical reasons.”As previously reported, the German side has also written a letter to the Indian go nment saying it cannot participate in the bid for technical reasons such as liability clauses and insufficient budget allocation, Indian media said.However, Germany has now said it can still take part if the bidding requirements are changed.South Korea, another contender, is also thought to be concerned about the terms of technology transfer.The spokesman for the Russian company pointed out that The Indian navy has long had submarines from Russia in its fleet.”To strengthen the Indian submarine fleet, the Russian side has provided the tested Type 636 diesel-electric submarines as well as the Type 877 submarines,” the spokesman said.New Delhi: The Indian Navy’s ambitious plan to build six submarines within India under a strategic partnership model has hit a snag in its early stages, the report said.Most foreign partners were excluded from the project by the requirement in the project’s technical documents for the adoption of air-independent propulsion system (AIP) conditions.(Edit: SDY)