Shenzhen Longgang Bantian street delimit the relevant area!Residents can call five service hotlines in distress

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According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Since February 19, 2022, Longgang District has designated a containment zone, control zone and prevention zone in Bantian Street, and the control measures within the zone shall be implemented in accordance with relevant epidemic prevention regulations.1. Sealed control area is Block A, Building 2, China Tienoord Mansion;Overseas Chinese East Community, Zone B of Gaoshi Logistics Park, Internet E-era Building and related affiliated areas;No.12, Lane 12, Wangtang Community.Ii. The control area is China Tienoord Residence (except Block A, Building 2);Wangtang Lane 1 – Fence on the east side of the construction site – Kaifa Road – outer wall on the west side of Bantian Campus of Shenzhen Experimental School – Wangtang Lane 9 – Xuewei Road – The enclosed area formed by Wangtang Lane 1.3. The prevention area is the whole area of Bantian Street (except the enclosed and controlled area).In the bantian International Center building B, C, D, E, F, G and H, bulong Road – Yangmei Road – west of the construction site – Wangtang Lane 1 – Xuewei Road – Bulong Road, the enclosed area was temporarily controlled for 3 days, with personnel only entering and not leaving, and nucleic acid testing was carried out for 3 days.Residents in containment, control and prevention areas may call the service hotline:0755-84745128 (line service Nuode Residence Community) 0755-28778599 (line service Overseas Chinese Association East community) 0755-28376228 (line service Bantian International Center) 0755-89608668 (line service Yangmei Wangtang) 0755-89586999 (Bantian Street Office) will followMake timely adjustments to the changing epidemic situation.We hereby inform you.Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, Longgang District, Shenzhen, February 19, 2022. Reprinted from the wechat official account of Shenzhen Health Commission