Changting: The City Administration bureau actively promotes the creation of atmosphere for the Spring Festival

2022-06-08 0 By

In order to create a strong atmosphere of “blessing” culture during the Spring Festival and improve the taste of the city, changting County City Administration bureau actively does a good job in creating the atmosphere during the Spring Festival in accordance with the requirements of “Notice of publicity Department of Changting County Committee on carrying out the theme of” blessing “culture throughout the county to do a good job in creating the atmosphere during the Spring Festival”.The urban atmosphere is mainly created in the form of soft film light box, street lamp pole, bus stop advertising display and broadcast “blessing” cultural theme posters, posters with the theme of “blessing star blessing China”, highlight Fujian characteristics, further enhance the city mark and taste, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.Secondly, by hanging festive red lanterns, to add a thick festive atmosphere for the upcoming Spring Festival.Ying Back street, Zhao Zheng Road has set up “blessing” cultural theme publicity soft film light box advertising 20 pieces;Huanxi Road, Huanbei Road and other sections set up “fu” cultural theme street lamp pole advertising 20 pieces;Huangwu New Village, Shuidong Street, Huanxi Road and other sections set up “fu” cultural theme publicity bus stop advertising 20 pieces;1,099 red lanterns were hung along major roads such as Zhaozheng Road, Siqian Street, Yingbei Street and Xiwai Street.The next step, the county and city administration will not close during the Spring Festival, will still maintain strict control situation not relax, to create a good Spring Festival city appearance order, and strive to let the masses enjoy a clean, clean and comfortable environment during the Spring Festival, to create a civilized and harmonious festival atmosphere.(Correspondent: Shangguan Lulu)